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My name is Sara. I live in PA. I took in my disabled niece from social services in August 2013. In November I received physical costudy of her thru the courts. It has been going smoothly so far. But out only issue I've run into is it's getting harder an harder to makes work schedule work. I have a 10 yr son myself who is in 5th grade. An my niece goes to school as well Mon-Fri til 330. But with even her being in school n me work as a personal care giver to the elderly in their homes. There have been lots of days we have appointments or she's sick. I do not get sick time at work so lots of times we getting lower pay check. It's just me an my son an my niece. She receives a didablity check which help out, but if I miss work we are screwed for the month. People have told me to go thru the adoption process to make the guardianship final an to be eligible for a subsidy for disabled children. The question is tho is there is no longer a child service case open since I retained costudy of her. Does there require a case to be open I order to revieve that subsidy?

Hi Sara-
When it comes to adoption subsidy, every state has different rules, etc.  You should speak with someone who administers the subsidy program in the children's services area for the State of PA.  You should be able to get the right name and phone number from people at the North American Council on Adoptable Children.  Their website is, but it would probably be best to call them.  Josh Kroll should be able to help you.
If you need further help please get back to me.
Sorry about the delay in answering; I missed the first message from All Experts.

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