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Adoption Issues/Did Mount Zion Hospital in San Francisco have a maternity ward in 1988?


In 1996 and again last year I went there and asked around. Many people said that the maternity ward had moved to Parnassus (UCSF Parnassus across town) "years ago" but none knew exactly when. It's really important to me to know exactly when it moved since my birth certificate claims that I was born there in 1988, but it was issued in 1994 and many of its claims seem highly unlikely.

John, congratulations on your decision to search. You are clearly dedicated to finding your answers and I hope to help. Thank you for writing.

In 1988, Mount Zion Hospital was located on Sutter St in San Francisco, CA and occupied the entire city block (bound by Scott, Post, and Divisadero Streets). The hospital did, indeed, provide complete obstetric/pediatric care at that location, at that time. The official address of the maternity ward was 1600 Divisadero St, San Francisco, CA 94115.

According to information found at: (pg 3)
"The UCSF-Mount Zion merger was approved in 1989 with a three year phase in to be completed during the 1992 fiscal year."
So, it appears that some of the information from your documents may be correct, John.

In adoption search and reunion, it is not unusual to learn that some (or most) of the details of a searcher's beginnings are "confused," or flat-out wrong. If you would like to discuss your search further, please reply privately. I am happy to listen, to provide input, and to direct you to resources that could help you solve the mysteries.

Thank you for your question, John. I hope I have been some help.  

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