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Hello.We adopted our son from China in 2004 and the adoption was finalized in China. He came home with a visa. He has a social security card(which for the life of us we can't imagine or remember how he got that).  It seems like we must  have had to show citizenship for that?? We are trying to get his drivers permit and it has been a nightmare because the Sec of State said we need a proof of citizenship.  We thought about getting him a passport in hopes of not spending $600 on the n 600! The problem is the passport requires proof of citizenship.  Everytime I research this,  I find a multitude of varying answers.
Do you have any idea what we can do?
Thank you in advance for your time,  it's much appreciated!


If In 2004 you received a SS Card then we would assume you filed the application for it as the US government was not issuing these automatically at this time even if the child traveled in an IR3 visa.  

Proof of citizenship for a passport should be :

1. certified copy of the foreign birth certificate with translation (typically a family would receive a few copies of this in China)
2. his Chinese passport, stamp endorsed showing  IR3 visa admittance to the U.S. - also at this time some families were receiving permanent resident cards, we believe this should also work for this purpose.
3. parents also have to show proof of their citizenship as part of the process of demonstrating the child's citizenship

If you completed a re-finalization in the U.S. you may use this as an additional piece of evidence.

A certificate of citizenship may be the best plan of action and while you do not have to that that route there may be a number of instances in his life where it would be helpful to have.  Remember, he is a U.S. citizenship under the Child Citizenship Act 2000.

Hope this helps - it is always recommended to contact an experienced immigration attorney as well, especially f you are missing the documentation listed above.

Thank you,

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