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My husband and I are considering becoming foster parents. We attended an orientation meeting and they said that we will need to give permission for the agency to speak to my counselor. I understand the need for this completely but I wondered if there's a way to know what questions they will be asking and if the information will be disclosed to my husband?  I value the work that I am doing with my therapist and want it to remain a space where I can be open and honest without having to censor myself knowing that what I say could be repeated to my husband in some way.

Hello A,
To my knowledge,  the questions are pretty general and should not jeopardize your confidentiality.  In my experience, there are just questions about diagnosis, prognosis and any concerns the therapist may have about you caring for a child.  

I hope that helps,
Chandricka Mose

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I have 20 years of experience ih this arena. I have worked in preventing youth from entering care and provided case management to youth and families in care. I have conducted and supervised training for foster and adoptive parents in both the presercive and inservice phases. I have conducted and supervised parenting skills training for parents seeking to regain custody of their children. I also held positions as program supervisor and director of foster care services. I am an advocate for youth, professionals and parents that find theselves involved in the foster care and/or adoption process. I have also experienced foster care and adoption personally as I grew up with a mom who provided foster care services and have two adopted siblings.

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