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How would a child feel towards her father? He had her put up for adoption, because he could not care for her. The child still sees her father several times a month, because she knows that her father wants to see her and her adoptive mother lets her.

I would think that as the girl grows up, her mom will share with her the story of her birth. As she gets older, more details about the adoption are shared. If the daughter and biological father can maintain an open relationship as she's growing up, I think she'll respect his decision to place her with her family.

I know as children grow, they will ask questions abut their placement. By keeping an open adoption through the years, her questions about why she was placed, and knowing that it was because of love, will make all the difference in the world.

Very few adoptions happen because of selfishness. Most biological parents place children because they love them more than anything and just want to ensure that their children are loved and cared for. As long as she knows she was placed out of the ultimate act of love, she should be well-adjusted and secure as a teen/adult.

Maintaining an open adoption is crucial as she grows so her questions can be answered by the people that placed her.

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