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Why would women that adopt a new born girl still allow the child to see her birth mother every weak? The mother knows that is what the child wants.

Most adoptive parents have gone through EXTENSIVE training and classes about adoption and loss. By keeping an open relationship, this adoptive mom is allowing her daughter to remain connected to her biological family. As long as the biological family and adoptive family can communicate and compromise, it sounds like a great thing.

Children that are placed for adoption don't ask to be. Many feel a deep sense of loss and pain at the disconnection from their biological families, so by keeping an open adoption, it's absolutely for the benefit of the adoptee. If the biological family isn't safe for the child to be around, then safety should always come first. However, research shows that in cases where safety isn't a concern, an open relationship is best for all involved.

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I can answer questions related to domestic newborn adoption. I cannot answer questions about the foster care system or international adoption.


I have two adopted children and both were adopted at birth here in the U.S.A. Our first adoption experience began with an agency and then we ended up using an adoption attorney for the adoption. Our second adoption was a private adoption with an adoption attorney only.

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