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Adrenal Fatigue/hypoglycemia, gut trouble and carbs


Hi Jen,

Hope you are well.

You perhaps donít have a definitive answer to this question as everyone will be different, but it does look like you have some experience figuring it out.

I have adrenal fatigue with hypoglycaemia and lots of gut trouble which makes navigating a solid baseline diet a nightmare. Either things will swing my blood sugars or they will be difficult to digest. All carbohydrates seemingly fit into either of these categories, with no real compromise

Grains, beans, dense starch veg Ė difficult to digest but fairly safe on blood sugars
Fruits Ė easily digested but tricky if you struggle with cravings, gut dysbiosis and possibly hypoglycaemia somewhat depending on the type
ĎLighterí veg such as parsnips, beets, carrots, squash etc Ė Again easy on digestion but have the potential to swing sugars due to their sweetness.

Iíve experience both sides and not sure which I favour. The horrible blood sugar swings or the constipation! Iím certainly not going overboard either with pretty much a max of 15g of carbs per meals, with more protein and fat. So for example despite having a reasonable GI, 50 grams of sweet potato or yam will plug me up and continue to inflame my gut.

I do know that protein, fat and non starchy veg needs to form the basis of my diet, but as Iím quite a low weight, I suspect I need enough carbs to stay out of ketosis and help with energy levels.  

Did you eventually work out what worked for you in terms of digestible carbs that you could manage with hypoglycaemia?

Many thanks,


I have been in your shoes. My body was so deficient in digestive enzymes and adrenals were so weak that I wasn't digesting anything.  It was a mess and my sugars were everywhere.  Sounds like you understand how to anchor any carbs with protein and fat.  
These are a few tips you may consider:
* Doing a colon cleanse
* Supplementing every meal with digestive enzymes. Also, chew your food until it's liquid before swallowing (I know, hard to do!)
* Taking a super potent strain of probiotics before bed, at least 8 billion cultures
* Nourishing your adrenals.

Hypo comes primarily from three places: weak adrenals, congested liver, and leptin resistance. I have a ton of info on my blog on adrenals. There is also a post I'm releasing today on digestion you might find interesting.  Leptin resistance has to be fixed with exercise and timing of meals, but first the body must be a bit stronger (work on the adrenals).  

Hope this helps!


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I cannot answer questions that would give medical advice, diagnose, or treat people's hypoglycemia.


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