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Adult Film/Is it illegal to produce pornography in the state of Missouri?

The most recent Missouri statutes regarding pornography ( don't appear to approve of or condemn it. It seems that the "promoting obscenity" section (573.020) would fail to hold up against the production of pornography if it was intended for distributed solely online.

Also, I'm unfamiliar with the legality of deciding not to distribute the film after it has been produced and actor/actress have been paid or distributing the film online for free instead of for profit; let's say, in a pornography friendly state like California.

Please let me know your thoughts on this. Thanks!


The statute you reference really focuses on child pornography, not the production of pornography generally, except for the promotion of obscenity.  However, you should NOT assume that a prosecution for obscenity would not hold up if the content was distributed solely online (although for a variety of reasons, this type of prosecution is much more difficult).

Regarding your question related to distribution, whether or not you distribute the film, or whether you elect to distribute it for free ultimately will not make a difference in connection with obscenity laws.  A good model release will not require you to distribute the content, whether it's for free or profit.

As always, it is vital that you retain a qualified attorney in this area to advise you before you take step one in this business.  If you'd like to discuss your situation with me further, feel free to contact me through

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