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My name is Prince and I currently decided to make a move and get a job in Porn. The problem every time I try to look up a agency online. It sends me to a porn site. My question to you is how do I find a real porn agency.What site do I go to to look up real agencies. How do you recommended.

Hello Prince!

Thanks for the question ... I'm going to have to refer you to one or two other experts here as I'm an immigration lawyer.  I deal with matters relating to the international aspect of the industry.  If you'd like to ask a question related to some international issue - just let me know.   

Without vouching for anyone, I'd recommend you ask another Expert on this site - Mike the Talent Manager or JD Obenberger.  It looks like they're in a better position to answer questions on getting into the industry.     

Additionally, and again without vouching for the accuracy of the information or the agencies, I did see a 2008 response to a question like yours.  The Expert at the time provided the below list - check it out, one or more of these agencies may be helpful:  

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Christian Eades


I am an immigration/international law attorney. I can answer questions related to foreign performers or business entities seeking to do adult-related business in the US. There are unique US laws and procedures that govern emigration and international business in this industry. Foreign performers or entities interested in the US adult business have to carefully navigate these laws or face serious consequences.


I am a former US State Department Consular Officer and was entrusted with administering these laws and regulations overseas. I have been an attorney for twenty years. I was born overseas. I have lived and worked on three continents for multiple years. In comparison to my legal peers, I am uniquely qualified in this field.

I have multiple law degrees: Master of Laws in Litigation and Juris Doctorate. I also have a BA in Political Science.

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