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QUESTION: My girlfriend is a Chinese girl living in Shanghai and she would like to become a actress in adult movies. Is there any chance for her to do that, given that there are no adult movie companies in China? She is a pretty 24 year old, 5'7" and 120 lbs. She could also do modeling work, but her passion is to become a porn star.

ANSWER: Hello Peter!

Thanks for your question.

I'm an attorney, so be careful, be careful, be careful.  Don't violate any laws, Chinese, American or otherwise, particularly with respect to being underage, in trying to help your girlfriend with her career ambitions.  

As you well know, there is an American adult entertainment industry.  In order to work in it, your girlfriend must physically get here and go through the process of breaking in just like every other aspiring star.  There are basic legal restrictions on ordinary travel for business or pleasure to the states and also unique legal challenges that pertain to international travel for performers and artists.  You may contact me at to talk about how to legally and intelligently navigate the obstacle course that is American immigration law.  

I can't provide specific guidance on Chinese side of this issue, but may be able to help in discussing the adult entertainment industry in Asia.

Again, thanks for your question and I hope to "see" your girlfriend soon!      

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you very much for the response. Just to clarify, she is not underage, she is 24 years old. Actually, she is worried that she may be too old to enter the adult industry and try to compete with all the young girls.

I was hoping to see whether you knew of any way she could enter the Japanese AV industry. Are there any legal impediments for a Chinese girl to go work in the Japanese AV industry for a company like SOD? Do you have some insights on that possibility?

Your insights are appreciated.

Hello again Peter -

As to your Japanese AV question - sorry, but am not prepared at this moment to speak very intelligently about their industry.  I know that you still would have immigration issues and the homogenous nature of their culture is likely a challenge.  Would a Chinese girl be "allowed" a fair shot?    

However, if your GF's goal was to get into US AV, it is my general assessment that the market will determine her success.  Twenty-four in the US is still young, so there likely is no age issue.  Even if there was, her "talent" would determine her popularity.  So, her challenge is to do what is necessary to attract attention, get a following.

If you'd like to discuss the US specific immigration issues related to travel for businesss or pleasure or the special rules that apply to performers or artists, don't hesitate to contact me at

As always, follow the law.  Follow the law.  Then follow the law some more.

The best of luck!


Thanks for your note again, Peter, and clarification.

You raise several points, even though you're mostly interested in the Asian AV industry.

I'll give another Asia - AV answer shortly but wanted to answer the, arguably, most important part of your question: the risky nature of participating in the adult entertainment industry.

I'm an attorney so there is no responsible or ethical way for me to answer these questions without addressing the legal risks that questioners are running by being in or trying to be in this industry.  There are US domestic and international criminal laws, related to human trafficking and prostitution, from many other countries that restrict what you can do.  If you violate these laws they can and will prosecute you.  So, while I firmly believe that you and your girlfriend have a basic right to earn a living the way you want, you are well advised to act very carefully, i.e., lawfully, as you do so.  

I appreciate your point about your girlfriend not being underage.  Excellent.  The age issue will draw you the most scrutiny from US and international law enforcement.

There is risk even for me, as an attorney.  So, I assume that a law enforcement officer is reading all of these emails.  I recommend you do the same.  Follow the law and while you are doing so, write nothing, ever, that you would not be willing to see in a courtroom.  The only generally secure communication, via attorney - client privilege, that you can have is between you and your attorney.

I'll address your general Asia AV and specific age question as it relates to employability (is 24 too old?) in this industry shortly.

Thanks again!  

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