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Adult Film/Replicate and Distribute an adult film of mine

My friends and I produced an adult film back in 2006. It's actually really high quality great stuff, produced and filmed in Columbia. I have the full rights to the film, pictures, music etc......... I was the Executive Producer. We never ended up doing anything with the final product but now I'm ready to sell it. What would be the best way to go about it and what possible liabilities do I have selling it? All actors/actresses were over the age of 18 at time of filming.

Hello Gizmo -

I'm very happy to take your question.

I'm an immigration and international business attorney so I can address your question if you are trying to do an international business transaction.  But, it's unclear to me if you are trying to sell your film FROM an international location.  Give me some more details on this and I'd be happy to chat about this further.  I can also provide input on the risk that you may attract attention from US federal law enforcement.  They are concerned with international human trafficking and are eager to scrutinize activities that may violate US law in this area.  You need to be very careful before you put your adult film in international commerce.          

As for your questions re distribution of your film in the US, I'd like to recommend you get in contact, either on this forum, or via his website, a fellow AllExpert - attorney J.D. Obenberger.  He is an extraordinary talent in this area and will give you everything you need to know on this topic.  You've got a lot to talk about re doing this without domestic law enforcement attention and efficiently so J.D. is your guy.  

If you'd like to chat further re any international issues related to your issue, don't hesitate to send a follow-on question or contact me at  

The very best of luck and I look forward to "seeing" your work in the future!  

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I am an immigration/international law attorney. I can answer questions related to foreign performers or business entities seeking to do adult-related business in the US. There are unique US laws and procedures that govern emigration and international business in this industry. Foreign performers or entities interested in the US adult business have to carefully navigate these laws or face serious consequences.


I am a former US State Department Consular Officer and was entrusted with administering these laws and regulations overseas. I have been an attorney for twenty years. I was born overseas. I have lived and worked on three continents for multiple years. In comparison to my legal peers, I am uniquely qualified in this field.

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