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I want to sell homemade pornographic movies of myself to various websites. Once I sell the movies do I still own the copyright? And can I sell the same movie to more than one website?

You can have it your way, whichever you prefer.

You should register your copyright in the image to perfect your rights to protect against infringement, and to preserve all of those rights and lose none, you should file your registration with the Copyright office within three months of first publication. You can lose valuable rights forever if you fail to do that.

Once your ownership has been formalized by registration, you own it like any other property. And you can use it like other property, too.

You can license it to other people - on an exclusive basis in which no one else will be able to use it during the term of the license - or on a nonexclusive basis in which you may simultaneously license use of the material to several clients/customers. Those agreements by which others may use the content you still own are called "licenses". Or you may just sell your rights to the material outright. That's called an "assignment". Exclusive licenses and assignments need also to be registered with the Copyright Office. You may structure any of these things in many ways, a flat payment, periodic payments, or royalties of some nature. You may even grant rights to your licensees to sub-license the use of your material to others or you may withhold that.

It is important to have good legal compliance and strong, effective release, or there will be little commercial market for your product; any smart operator interested in your content will want to be able to use it without legal worries, and he or she will probably require you to promise to defend and indemnify him or her against any legal deficiency in the use of the content as contemplated by the license or assignment.

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