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i am saleem from Pakistan. and i want to sale my own movies that makes from my own self with my Pakistani Models so can u tell me how can i sale that and how much money i can get from that ihave a good team for i this i want to make more movies so pls i m v thanks full to u if u help me about saleing that movies pls reply me as soon as possible

Thanks & Regards
From Pakistan

Hi, Saleem and Salaam aleicum!

Urgent, huh?

Like, if you don't do it right now, something very terrible will happen?

If I had an office in Karachi, and you came asking me this same advice, I'd be more worried about whether something terrible would happen to you if you DID make and sell those movies and you got discovered. Look, I'm not a Pakistani lawyer, and I know next to nothing about the law concerning the creation of sexually explicit images in Pakistan, but my approximate guess is that if you got caught making explicit sexual images and selling them in Pakistan, you'd be in deep trouble. Pakistan has NOTHING like the First Amendment in the US and, so far as I know, Pakastani laws are quite free to regulate morality in expression and communication. Now, I don't know exactly whether they would cut off your male member and/or castrate you, or whether you'd be hanged or face the firing squad, whether they would cut out your tongue and eyeballs, or whether, with a sharp knife they would open your abdomen and pull out your intestines, or perhaps slowly cut off your head with a dull knife, but I'd have an initial fear for your safety until and unless I'd thoroughly researched the issue under Pakastani law. Now maybe Pakistan is far more enlightened than I suspect about such matters, and perhaps it rivals the comparatively secular state of Turkey, and just maybe what you are proposing is entirely legal in your country, but I have to tell you that I doubt it. Contact a Pakastani lawyer, if you wish, pay him a fee to research the question, and follow his advice. You might want to check the phone listings for "Pakastani Porn Lawyer" but if you get nowhere, don't be discouraged. Check Google, again searching for something like "Adult Industry Lawyer in Karachi" and see whether you get a hit. Feel free to contact the Free Speech Coalition and ask its staff for a recommendation in Karachi. I am also quite sure that if you contact any of the US lawyers who regularly speak at XBIZ and AVN shows, you'll find at least one who would be willing to research Pakastani Porn Laws for you, though I'll guess that you will be paying an expensive fee for research and translation of laws that are seldom examined here. But no doubt, you will find a US lawyer eventually who will take your money to accomplish the task.

Some years ago, I had a Pakastani lawyer who did immigration work in the US occupy an office next to mine - and he had many colorful stories about his work as a JAG lawyer in the Pakastani Army. Perhaps his fascinatingly and meticulously detailed stories of interrogating suspects (he did not leave any detail of his curious interrogation techniques untold) and literally seeing them hang within a week - yes, he enjoyed attending the hangings - has affected my judgment about how the Pakastani legal system works. I have no doubt that it is quite efficient at least insofar as it rapidly delivers accused persons to their unpleasant and humiliating deaths.

Now, speaking hypothetically only, if you can manage to get past the hurdle of whether such images would be very illegal to make and are quite seriously punished, the next topic would be securing rights to publish images. And it would not surprise me to learn that a performer's model release in Pakistan might require the written consent of any female's significant male, that is, her husband if she has one, and if not, her brothers, father, grandfather, and anyone else who might have quasi-proprietary rights in her appearance, veiled or otherwise. You need advice about this, too. Such a release, however, just might be invalid in any context because it is a release for something that is probably illegal under the laws of your nation.

You may wish to read the story of Sir Richard Francis Burton, one of my personal heroes, who was a secret agent for the British Crown in Karachi during a part of his amazing life in the Nineteenth Century. In order to infiltrate the rings of freedom-loving people who worked to overthrow British dominion over the proud people of Pakistan, it was necessary for him to learn the language to perfection so that he could pass as native, to stain his skin, dye his hair, and to perfectly assume a convincing appearance of a Pakistani. He succeeded in all of that - in another context he infiltrated Mecca and Medina and was the first Westerner to do so, writing a great book about it. The anti-British agitators met in a male brothel in Karachi, and it was necessary to have sex with little boys in order to prove one's bona fides, and it is reputed that he did so in order to successfully infiltrate and obtain intelligence. Though the Queen rewarded him for his success - the Pakastani pedastric, pedophilic, freedom-fighter conspirators were tried and hanged - he was, from that point a "marked man" in the British service and his military career was ended. What passed for normal conduct for a man in the Pakistan of that era was quite disgusting to the British. My point is that sexual norms in Pakistan have historically been quite different from those prevailing in the English-speaking West and that there may be a double standard of what is forbidden in Pakistani or Islamic law as against what is actually tolerated or indeed, socially required. The written law, in some countries, may not mark the end of an inquiry about doing business. In some of the biggest sex trafficking destinations in the world, prostitution is actually a crime that never gets enforced. Only a Pakistani lawyer can sort this reality out for you. Not me or any other US attorney. (Captain Burton, by the way, went on to a wonderful career as a sort of James Bond of the Nineteenth Century, but outside the Army, which had no room for pedastry. The Queen used him to infiltrate the Mormons in Salt Lake City to discover whether their missionaries posed a threat to the Crown in England, he had the adventures in Mecca and Media mentioned, he was part of the party that discovered the headwaters of the Nile as recounted in the movie, "The Mountains of the Moon", and, the greatest swordsman of his era, his cheeks were run through by a spear in Somalia, leading to life-long scars. He was the first masterful translator of the "1001 Nights" in thirteen copiously-footnoted volumes, a set of which is one of my dearest possessions, and at the end of his life he was rewarded with an appointment as governor of Ferdinand Poo, off the west coast of Africa. On his deathbed, he converted to Catholicism at the instance of his wife, who thereupon burned a trunk containing his translations of unpublished erotic works. He was the first English translator of the Kama Sura and the Perfumed Garden, and other erotic works. He is buried in Marlybone, west of London under a marble tent monument. He is the protagonist of the "Riverworld" books by Farmer, a set of science fiction novels.)

Another option is to come to the United States and give this a try with Pakistani performers here. You should consult an immigration lawyer about whether you can justify your US admission for professional or occupational reasons because there are so few in this country who have the qualifications or attainments to perform this service here. I really can't advise you on your chances of obtaining residence in the US on this basis. Perhaps you can track down that Pakistani immigration lawyer in Chicago with that colorful interrogation background? I can't recall his name at present.

Pakastani Porn is a quite untapped niche in the United States. Just maybe there is an interest among Americans, but so far, I've never seen one adult video title mention Pakastan, and since the producers of porn seem to aim at just about every interest, even the most obscure, something tells me that this is not something the US market craves. Now, maybe I'm wrong, but whenever I'm taking a taxi in Chicago with a Pakastani cab driver and the topic of conversation turns to females, I do hear them frequently talk about American blondes with certain oversized body parts. Now, if you can't get the Pakastani cabbies in Chicago to talk about Hot Pakastani Babes, one has to wonder where you'll find an audience. I don't mean to discourage you, but you may be pursuing a niche with limited demand. On the other hand, I have seen videos concerning Persian women enjoy some success here, though they were filmed in Los Angeles using Iranian ex-patriates. It was, by the way, wall-to-wall colono-rectal sex. The performers were very pretty, but they screamed a lot because it seemed to be painful to them, and I got the impression that this was the whole point of the two videos that were released in that line. Not my cup of rosewater infused tea.

I've answered your question today, during our three-day Memorial Day holiday weekend, because you told me that your inquiry was "urgent". I hope that this meets your time-critical needs.

Best of luck to you, in any event!

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