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I currently live in Georgia, and I have questions concerning starting up a porn/film production company legally.

1) What are the legal steps so that I do not violate any laws/regulations?

2) What are the fees associated with licenses/permits to run a legal adult film prodution company?

3) If I produce the film in another state, but upload the film/clip online in Georgia. What state's laws do I have to follow when it comes to that situation?


You ask some pretty broad questions, including specific legal advice, which I cannot provide in this forum.  In general, you need to to proceed with careful legal planning, otherwise there are very good odds that you will get yourself in trouble.

I STRONGLY advise you seek individual legal guidance to understand Georgia's prostitution laws (as well as any other state in which you seek to film), the law of obscenity, Section 2257, copyright, the law of publicity, and laws for the protection of children.  The legal advice would need to apply these areas against the specific content and business practices you seek to employ.  As far as fees, Georgia does not have any licenses/permits specific to the adult entertainment industry (unless you plan on shooting in a public space, in which local permits may be necessary).  Otherwise, you're looking at state filing fees to form your business entity (like an LLC or corporation).

In general, you shouldn't expect to gain all of the answers to your legal questions in a forum like this.  There is simply far too much risk to do so.  Feel free to contact me directly through my website at to schedule a consultation.

Hope to hear from and good luck!


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