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Adult Film/state business license & club vs. business

I am currently in Portland Or. and have many girlfriends who have "male friends". I would like to start a business where it is not only legal but safe for them and I can make some $$ to. I know California is one of the only states its legal for porno to be made with out falling under prostition. My question to you is would I be protected under California law if I set up my business down there and got a off site permit and worked up here? My other questiin is if I need to be completely set up in Oregon would it be better to have a private club with memberships or a company? I know the "pot clubs" got around some similar restrictiins up here.
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I am assuming from your post that you would like to product your own adult content, using your girlfriends and their "male friends" as talent. Under California case law, adult producers are afforded certain protections for content that is produced and sold IN California.  You cannot obtain a permit from California to produce content outside of the state.

I'm not sure what you mean by a "private club," but that sounds less like production of adult content and more like a brothel; the latter is definitely a no-no.  Ultimately, the structure of your company, the process and manner in which you obtain your talent and product your content will determine your compliance with applicable local, state and federal law.  I would strongly suggest that you retain a qualified lawyer to advise you, as the risks can be very significant.  If you would like to speak with me further, feel free to contact me through


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