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What opportunities are there for younger men (18-25) to get into the porn industry around Iowa. Around Mason City, Iowa in particular. I have had an interest for sometime and women whom I'm with ask often for me to come back to them strictly for my cock. If you could get back to me quickly, it would be greatly appreciated.

Hi, Josh -

With all respect to Mason City, and to Iowa in general, I've never heard any reliable report of anyone ever making a professional, adult video anywhere in Iowa. (Though I'd guess that it's happened at least once.) If you want to become a professional performer, I think that you are in the wrong place to make that happen. If you want to harvest citrus fruits, and lived in Point Barrow, Alaska, the odds are that you'd have to make a decision to pull down your igloo and go to where citrus grows, places like Harlingen, Texas or Tampa, Florida. Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and South Florida are together the principal venues for the production of adult videos in such numbers that regular work just might be found. It's extremely rare and irregular elsewhere, and what's found outside those areas is usually in some very limited niches, such as Gay Porn, trampling, BDSM, and the like. It's not my purpose to suggest or convince you to travel anywhere. Quite the opposite. The odds of getting work are frankly too low to make it worth the effort.

You might want to reach and and talk to male performers about the work before you make any decisions. Porn people are usually more accessible than you'd imagine. Several times, when I've been speaking at adult conventions, I'd notice a familiar face in the audience that I could not place. Several times, they came up to me after and identified themselves - and then I knew that I'd seen them in videos. Down to earth people, and not hard to reach. In the brief conversations that I've had with them about their work (just a few, and never in depth) I get the impression that it's no bed of roses, but a real struggle to find work for most of them, an emotionally and personally difficult area in which to center one's life professionally, and incredibly dependent upon establishing and maintaining good personal relations with the people who make hiring decisions. I know that a great many of the straight performers have, with much reluctance, featured in Gay productions because they could not find enough straight work. The most famous male performer, John Holmes, went down that path and acquired HIV on a Gay set outside the country, which led to a fatal result. Without ever seeing any reliable or statistical data, I'd guess that there are fewer than two dozen men in the United States who make a full-time income at this work, and that this number of men has members who rotate in and rotate out as their fortunes wax and wane. I don't consider it to be what would be properly understood as a "career choice". A very tiny number of these men come to public attention - most often, they get no credits on a video, that distinction going to the female co-performer, about whom the viewers are mainly or exclusively interested. This very tiny number who come to the attention of the public seem to try as hard as they can to become producers so that they have a gainful livliehood that they can actually own and which will endure past the brief period in which they may perform.

Part of the problem here is that the supply of fully qualified male performers vastly outstrips the manpower needs of the adult production community. Many men have the fantasy of becoming porn performers, so they can have promiscuous sex with numerous, presumably attractive, females and maybe get paid for it. I get many dozens of letters about this each year, for some peculiar reason, unknown to me, a huge number come from India. Frankly, there are many men who would volunteer to do this work without payment because it matches a common male fantasy. That can't help but affect the rate of pay given to male performers. I've heard rumors over the years of men who are paid just $1 to perform, though they volunteered to perform for free, in order to create consideration that would support the legal promises contained in a performer release. My best guess, based on anectdotes that I've heard, is that a significant percentage of the men who travel to porn production venues in hope of finding work as male talent wind up, eventually, as homosexual prostitutes, because they just can't make a go of it in straight porn production.

I have never heard any account by any male performer that describes the work as a fantasy come true. Their generative organs don't meaningfully belong to them on set, they have been rented to a production company, and it is their duty to perform as directed, not as they desire. If that is not an emasculating enough concept, the job is to perform with whom the producers select, not with whom you would want. Especially in niche or fetish video, a male performer will be expected to do his job even when motivation is challenged because of looks, hygiene, bodily attributes, personality, or odor of the female performer, or the very focus and orientation of the video. If the job is to be costumed in a black vinyl one-piece outfit that acts as a blindfold, tied or chained to a chair, with a ball gag, while some other performer engages you sexually, well, that's the job, even if, as is probable, that's miles away from your personal interests. The experience may be hot, sweaty, and uncomfortable, and it may require some very challenging mental fantasy in order for a man to perform under those circumstances. The industry is unforgiving. If you secure the very rare opportunity to perform, and you fail, it is unlikely in the extreme that you will get a second chance. Google "female domination video" or "femdom" if you are unfamiliar with the matters I am discussing here. If you commit to this pursuit, you will probably not have the luxury of choosing the genre in which you are given a chance to work.

Another part of the problem is that, based on what's been related to me, directors usually view male talent as props and stunt men, because the audience is mainly male and the fantasy of consumers in watching porn is to mentally place themselves in the role of the male performer. They frequently see the performer's ejaculation as their own "permission" to climax, closely identifying themselves with the male performer as closely as possible. Thus, male performer's faces are often edited out of the result and unexceptional looks which do not draw attention to themselves and the absence of distinguishing physical characteristics such as piercings, tattoos, or an unusual anatomy are real assets. Boring, but fit, looks are what seem to be most frequently cast. Yes, there are exceptions, and notable exceptions in the current time, but that's still where most of the (limited) work is.

Finally, with all due respect to the virility of the men in Mason City, Iowa, and to the ability of the females in that fairly rural location to recognize exceptional male sexual performance when they experience it, you might want to hold off in coming to conclusions about yourself till you've had a chance to get evaluated by the women in the region's larger metropolises and cockpits, such as Ames, Des Moines, or Dubuque.

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