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Hi Mike!

I would like to get into the adult(porn) business. I'm 24, and would have tried sooner but I never was in good enough shape until now and I refused to do BBW porn because it looks degrading. Anyways, the problem is, there are SO many scammers and fake agents that it is hard to get started. I've tried sexyjobs but nothing but creeps contact me. I don't think I have received ONE legitimate job. 99% of the responses  were guys saying I needed to audition, i.e. do a non-paid blowjob to prove that I am "not a flake." Yep, sure.

Another thing that worries me about this business is I have heard stories of girls getting tricked into what type of scene they are expected to perform. For example, agreeing to a B/G vaginal scene only but then being asked to do anal. Then if she doesn't do it, she's threatened with the "I will tell other producers you are a flake and you won't get jobs" line.

I know that I will have to fly out to LA but, I've done my best to do research before getting too heavily involved. I'm not sure who to trust at this point. I'm sure there are lots of nice, legitimate people but there are SO many scumbags it seems. Most recently I have been warned about Ideal Image Management (Tee Reel). And I've heard LA Direct is basically a brothel?

Despite wanting to do this, I'm not a naive idiot looking for quick cash with no commitment. I've worked hard to get in shape, I've been working as a stripper so I am somewhat familiar with adult-oriented businesses and I like it. I want a porn career that is professional.

Thanks for reading any guidance will be helpful!

P.S. What's up with that Elaine Alvarez girl from that YouTube Video? Was she rejected from your company for being too fat so she just got mad? She seemed chunky to me. Just curious she seemed wierd.

Thanks for coming to me with your question, and congratulations on improving your physique. I know that takes a lot of hard work, so keep it up!

I've answered this question, or different variations of it, many times over the years: - In regards to "auditions" - In regards to porn model agencies - #1 place for new girls (18+) to begin their careers in the adult entertainment industry

I chose to take on your question because it seems like you've actually put in your due diligence to find out what's out there. There are indeed a lot of scammers and fake agents out there. Even in the "legit" porn industry, with regards to "legit" porn agents... and not only agents, but also producers, directors, photographers, male talent, etc... you have to ask yourself some questions, like, for example:

- What percentage of heterosexual (straight) males that are involved in the porn industry in any capacity, do you think, CHOSE to get in the industry - at least in part - due to their interest in vagina?

(My personal guess would be 100%, or close to it. I.E., most guys that ARE in the industry CHOSE this industry over - for example - sales, telemarketing or construction... for one (1) main reason... and that reason is because guys are frickin' horn-dogs! This fact has numerous implications - both good & bad - throughout the legitimate SEX industry.)

There is also a lot of grey area out there. It's not "black and white" (i.e., "this Company is good... and this Company is bad... this agent has 100% pure motives... and this one 100% bad...") The world, and ESPECIALLY the porn industry, doesn't work like that. This is why it's good to have a modeling contract with the #1 talent management Company in the industry BEFORE seeking work in the industry or trying to contact producers. With so many years experience, we can sit down with you and help you sort through the confusion.

If I were a girl, I might think to myself at this point, "Ok, well... since all the guys in the industry are horn-dogs, I might as well sign up with a female-run agency and start out doing lesbian-only porn. I'll just AVOID the dudes, for now!"

The reality: some of the female "agents" in the business are worse than the males, and there's not too much girl/girl work available... AND girl/girl work pays substantially LESS than boy/girl work! Female agents might not try to "scam" you out of some "free" sexual gratification (or maybe they would... who knows...) but there are many other ways a person can be negatively exploited. You already mentioned one biggy (promotion of prostitution) in your question, and some of the most popular female porn agents try to trick their girls into that on a regular basis, as well.

And, yes, to answer your question, the (pimp) owner of LA Direct runs an escort (prostitution) ring with his female porn models directly alongside his porn agency, and he has done so for many years. I, personally, am 100% positive that most of the girls on his pimping website did not envision themselves becoming full-on nickel-and-dime hotel-to-motel multiple-tricks-a-day prostitutes when they first signed up to become a high-class pornstar. That individual, and his Company, are a shame and a disgrace to the American porn industry.

Your other question... Elaine who? That was a long time ago. She's part of "the 98%" (explained later in my response), and we chose to decline her application for cocaine abuse (and the associated drama connected therewith). 'Nuff said.

With regards to scene type and girls being tricked into scene types other than what they've agreed to... as a human being, you are free to say "NO... I'm not doing that, with my body" at ANY mother-fuc&in' time you choose. Anybody who progresses (physically) beyond that point is guilty of sexual assault (rape) and can (and should) be reported to the police and can (and should) go to prison for a very very long time. A boy/girl vaginal scene is just that... an anal scene is just that... and so on and so forth.

If you have a legit talent representation company (of which the Company I work for is #1) actively representing you, then the PRODUCER himself is the one more likely to get "blacklisted" for pulling the "bait & switch" tactic on a girl, than you are, as the model. At our Company, we have blacklisted individual producers & even entire production companies for this EXACT reason.

I know that a lot of people can CLAIM to be "#1" at something, so let me elaborate on a few of the many reasons why we ACTUALLY ARE #1 at what we do:

REASON #1 - Our proprietary in-house producer categorization system.

Other porn agencies' motto: All money is good money... reputable producers' money, disreputable producers' money, scumbags' money, nice guys' money, and even tricks' & johns' (guys that solicit prostitutes that aren't even IN the porn industry) money... if they have the $$$GREEN$$$, the $$$CHEDDA$$$... then they are OK.

Our motto, on the other hand: NOT all money is GOOD money!! There are only a few select highly-professional A-rated producers that our models work with at the start of their careers. We also have a whole list of F-rated (blacklisted) producers and production companies, all blacklisted for various reasons - all surrounding around general unprofessionalism. Prostitutes are whores... high-class adult models are high-class adult models (and the two are NOT the same!!), and our Company is EXCLUSIVELY and ONLY interested in working with the latter.

REASON #2 - (In case you haven't yet noticed...) We are the ONLY porn talent representation Company that takes a STRONG & OPEN stance ( against prostitution, and has for many years. Because of this, new girls with our Company flying in from out-of-state can rest 100% assured that they are coming out to work in the LEGIT adult industry... not to be turned into a prostitute. There are no "tricks" up our sleeve! (Pun intended.)

REASON #3 - Crossover modeling. It actually means something. Our Company's roots and original background has nothing whatsoever to do with the adult industry. We are an offshoot of a well-established MAINSTREAM talent management firm for actors (actual Hollywood actors) and fashion models. Because of this, we became - at our inception - the ONLY major crossover talent representation Company in the porn industry. In other words, we can & do actually help girls (age 18+) begin their careers in both mainstream & adult.

Before we opened, no other porn agencies really mentioned the word "mainstream". To try to compete with us, some of them started asking their local-band buddies from San Fernando Valley bars if they would cast a couple of their models in a couple C-rated music videos for $50 or so a day... then these other agents started claiming "mainstream" connections as well.

Of course, that's not what we mean by mainstream or "crossover". Our Company's clients have worked alongside (not only) Xander Corvus and Mick Blue, but also Denzel Washington & Ben Stiller. They model for companies including (not only) Hustler & Penthouse magazines & Reality Kings, but also companies including Old Spice, Philips 66, Rockstar, and Sketchers.

The rest of the "porn industry agents" couldn't touch us with a 10-foot-pole. We don't consider a single one of them a legitimate threat. We are literally above them.

REASON #4 - Our exclusivity. Our Company works "in" the porn industry and "with" the porn industry, but - at the same time - we operate distinctly separate and in a very "unconnected" & unbiased way from the negativity & unprofessionalism that permeates throughout the establishment of the American porn industry. We come - on behalf of ourselves and each of our individual models - at the porn industry and at each producer, director, male talent, std testing center, etc. with respect, but we don't bow-down to anyone. It is an independent & separatist mentality that we operate from. I.E., "we're willing to consider working with you (whoever you may be), but we don't need you... and therefore we are completely and totally unwilling to take any crap from you, whatsoever."

Because we operate from this exclusive mentality, attitude and protocol, we don't work with ALL porn producers, and we actually decline 98% (that's ninety-eight per-cent) of the individuals that apply with us for talent management.

Because we are the best at what we do, we choose to only work with people & companies that are the best (at what they do).

Ours is a "no-bullshit" attitude, and we like to teach our models to become strong, proud, (financially AND mentally) independent, respectable, adult-industry women that carry the same mentality.

If you're interested, you can sign-up here:

Thanks again.

Hakuna Matata,

Mike the Talent Manager
Senior VP

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Mike began his career in the entertainment industry as a talent rep for a large, well-respected talent management Company for S.A.G. actors and fashion models. The Company has been in business for for about a quarter-Century (25 years).

In 2006, since the Company was then based in the porn capital of the world (the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles), Mike suggested to the President of the Company that they open a division for adult film models. The President accepted, and Mike was put in charge of leading the new division. For the first few months, he went to work for a couple different porn producers to “learn the ropes” of the adult industry. In early 2007, the Company’s adult industry division ( opened its doors. Mike was named Senior Vice President.

Since that time,’s reputation and connections have grown immensely. is now considered to be the top talent management Company for new models in the North American porn industry, and the only adult talent management company capable of promoting its clients for “Crossover Modeling” (promoting its clients for mainstream acting, modeling, dance, and book authoring, in addition to promoting them for porn.)

Since 2007, Mike the Talent Manager has developed personal relationships with the presidents, casting directors, talent coordinators, production directors and “shot callers” of almost every legitimate producer of pornography in the United States. He also has relationships with talent agencies and industry-standard talent STD testing services within the adult film business. boasts the ability to introduce a brand-new model to the entire legitimate North American porn industry at the snap of Mike’s fingers, so to speak. Mike has also performed on camera in several porn films for various well-known production companies, and he has also begun his own production line as well.


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