Adult Film/Requirments?

harris wrote at 2012-05-06 05:33:15
size : 7inch

pop shots: at least 2

stamina: 30 minuits each

Umar G wrote at 2015-06-17 12:54:22

I want to work in porn movie i have 7" size and good stamina I love porn movies and all pornstars plz help me

Gary wrote at 2016-06-19 19:24:36
XxX Adult Recruitment

We Are Urgently Seeking both Male and Female Actress and Actors above the age of 18 into the porn industry with a great income career ahead.

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Heera wrote at 2016-08-27 10:45:27
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Adult Film

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If you want to know about porn, I used to live in Porn Valley, and know many, many things about the US sex industry. I am friends with several of the actors and actresses, and am also familiar with all adult publications and foreign x-rated media. Because I know the business and lots of the people in it, but am not biased for or against it since I have no direct involvement in it at this point, I am a very good person to ask about it. If you have photos and wish to know whether you will make it in porn based on your looks or body (girls and boys, over 18 only), send them to and I will tell you what I think your chances are of making it in porn, and where I think you should go to try and get into the industry. Male and female photos are accepted.


Also, I am an expert here on "great sex", "oral sex", and "sex problems"..... My favourite thing in the world is performing oral. Over the years, I have perfected mindblowing techniques. Every woman and man is different, but there are things you should know that will DRIVE YOUR PARTNER CRAZY! Write to me and find out... this could change your life and rock your world... I love hearing back from people who've had amazing experiences because of my advice.

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