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Adult Film/is this a scam, or could it be for real?

Loverboy wrote at 2013-05-13 13:52:23

this deffo sound like a scam. I have spent abut 4K all together on 2 companies and have come to a concusion that most of them are a scam, so be sure to go online and google the company you want to join.

Have a look at Magnum Studios... i have no experience with them myself, but 2 of my friend registered and both had work within 2 or 3 weeks. I am thinking about going ahead with them as well, so will update you on how Im getting on..

tony-stone wrote at 2013-08-29 15:12:51
Any news yet? I have spoken to them today the want £595 up front

Charlie Abbott wrote at 2013-09-02 12:14:30
I have spoken to them as well, they wanted £398 for 6 months and £595 for a years registration up front. They do say they can get work within several weeks of having an electronic registration as they act as agents for you. Sounds OK but I'm hesitant of offloading that sort of money up front, after all would you pay for a meal without eating it 1st ??

They do keep in contact with you and everything does seem above board. Have you heard anything yet as I am tempted to go for it.  

Alison wrote at 2013-09-06 10:18:17
Hi there, I have been working with them for 6 months now and have done 8 films already and now i am registering for a whole year, as i am going to work for them also internationally, so i would reccommend this company to anyone who is starting in the industry with no experience as they ease you into it and are very friendly and helpfull.

I have tried to get into the industry before and never got anywhere. This is the first company that has actually found me work. I could do with more roles, but i am all in all very happy.

Pam wrote at 2013-09-09 11:43:59
Hiya, I am also working for Magnum. I have been on board for 3 weeks now and only have worked once. I have made 1150 pounds,so did get my money back and more, but would like to get more roles. Can you tell me did it start slow for you as well and you got more work later? Is there anything I can do to get more work?

I am happy with my agent and the company, but would like to work at least once a week. They did say that the number of roles should increase with the time. I would like to hear from other people that have experience with this company. Thank you, Pam

Magnus Pyke wrote at 2013-09-10 14:17:35
Hi, I have seen some ads for this company, but being an older male I'm not sure if I will get the work. They seem upfront about wanting anyone, but, I don't have confidence in what I look like.

Looks like the girls writing above got a good deal, but, having seen some porn vids, I certainly don't measure up to what most males look like, have any normal fellas managed to get work ?  

cyber wrote at 2013-09-12 15:54:48
i heard that magnum-studios is scam the just want money and then they are not gonna reply....

Pam wrote at 2013-09-13 13:33:01
I have always had good experience with them, they always pick up and I met lots of people working with them who are also happy.I am size 12, so not so skinny and most people didn“t look like models eighter to be honest but I can not say wether there are people that have not got any work or were not treated good, but in 6 months being with them, i would deffo reccommend them above any other agency I contacted or lost money through.

Hot Rod wrote at 2013-09-13 14:01:58
This could be a scam, read the reports on adult film scams. There was an issue with a Manchester based company (Pro Amateur Blue a couple of years ago. They did the same thing, asked for money up front and then said there was a problem getting work. They used a Bank account through HSBC, this company is using Lloyds.

The girls above could be getting work, but you never know.

Make sure you check 1st to see if it's legit

cyber wrote at 2013-09-14 11:54:39
But all other people in here, they look happy with them or may they  are part of them.actually  I paid them £400 almost 2 weeks ago and still  waiting....:(

Marvin wrote at 2013-09-17 18:49:45
Cyber, will you let me know if you've got work please or lost your money. I am thinking of trying this company. Thanks


cyber wrote at 2013-09-18 22:43:06
hey marvin

well I did not get any thing yet and one more thing I am 100% sure who ever in this page Is supporting them they are part of it so don't pay thing...if I got something then I will post here until don't pay any thing....

cyber wrote at 2013-09-18 22:43:10
hey marvin

well I did not get any thing yet and one more thing I am 100% sure who ever in this page Is supporting them they are part of it so don't pay thing...if I got something then I will post here until don't pay any thing....

Marvin wrote at 2013-09-19 13:39:21
thanks cyber, they are pushing me to commit, you could be right, this is so similar to a scam by Pro Amateur Blue from Manchester 2-3 years ago, they used HSBC not Lloyds (who Magnum are using). That caught a few people out.  

cyber wrote at 2013-09-20 12:44:48
I knw marvin and I am finding ways to get my money thats my email if possible then contact me here I got bit more detail abt them.

ben wrote at 2013-09-23 15:33:58
hi guys i have been considering signing up to this agency aswell but am hesitant too. i think this is a scam as the website was only created in april this year and is due to expire in april next year! considering they have said they have many years of experience yet the company has only been in existence for five months id definitely say this is a scam. be careful guys

Matija wrote at 2013-09-27 14:06:09
Hi I am working with Magnum and can not believe what i am reading here. i know there are scam companies out there, but Magnum are a real companu”y i have made 3 films with them already. And for your information Ben they have only opend offices in London this year, as they moved from America.They told me this from beggining. You can read this on internet. Now you can not film porn movies without a condom in America. Check your facts before posting here. I met lots of people who wor with Magnum

Marvin wrote at 2013-09-30 18:36:26
Hi Matija,

When did you apply to the company and which agent did you get contacted by ? Can you please let me know which studio's you have worked at and how soon after getting your medical sorted did you get work ?

I know about the American angle, but you cant blame anyone for being a little bit hesitant when reading anything above. Would you know why that its only girls who say they have work. We only have comments here to go on, it would be good if the company were prepared to meet the people they were acting for up front. It is strange and unfortunate that the set up is so similar to a previous scam, and you were lucky to get work as no one is supposed to pay for anything up front especially when you can't meet anyone before you have handed over any money.

I would be grateful for any further comments.


Matija wrote at 2013-10-02 09:18:19
Hello Marvin, i am from yorkshire so they sent me to york studio, but now i will be covering also london and going there this weekend for a 2 day shoot. i know they have manny in the uk, but depending on where you live they will asign you to different places unless you can travel. that is why now i started to travel so i can get more work. I am a guy by the way not a woman.

Marvin wrote at 2013-10-05 12:55:01
Matija, which agent are you working with please ? and what companies are you filming with ? I just need to do a few more checks from this end.

If you can let me know which company you paid registration fee too as Companies House doesn't have a record !!

horny g wrote at 2013-10-09 09:21:07
Hi guys i have contacted magnum studio it sounds like they are genuin they will get in touch with me in couple of days

horny g wrote at 2013-10-09 09:21:07
Hi guys i have contacted magnum studio it sounds like they are genuin they will get in touch with me in couple of days

Matija wrote at 2013-10-11 13:13:41
Hello Marvin, my agent is Lisa Kudrow, not sure about spelling last name.

The work that a was ment to do on the weekend was posponed and i actially went yesterday and got paid in cash 2400.

I dont know about company houses,i paid directly to Magnum i know ther originate from america, so it must be registered there.

Jake wrote at 2013-10-12 18:18:08
Hello, I also registered with Magnum Studios and have a lovely agent called Nikki Davis. I paid £395 up front but have otherwise had no problems with the agency. They're professional, organised and very committed; they always answer my calls/reply to my emails with a call and have a record of all my work (both done and upcoming) on hand. In conclusion, I am very confident and happy with the company.

Marvin wrote at 2013-10-14 22:16:29

You have got to be joking, Lisa Kudrow is the name of an actress in a tv programme called Friends... wonder if that could be an alias for whatever reason... that is so very strange... I am really holding onto my money here now. You've confirmed what I wanted to know, it makes me even more convinced that this is a very elaborate scam.  

Matija wrote at 2013-10-16 08:57:17
Hello Marvin, just checked, her last name is Kellow. It was an honest mistake as I am a big fan of Friends and the name is similar. Anyway, it is up to you what you want to do, I am happy with them, I cant speak for anyone else. They are deffo not a scam as I got work and met lots of people that work for them.

Ian wrote at 2013-11-01 09:28:08
I contacted this company having tried with a previous company called Anne International and everything is the same. They describe the shoots in very good detail, very convincing. I have been bitten once and I'm not about to do it again. They can't give you any proof whatsoever that they are genuine. Even the website has little to do with porn yet other porn websites requiring porn models have lots of details.

AMagnum Sudios are not registered with companies house and a company called magnum Studio was dissolved on 01/10/2013.

Chrispy wrote at 2013-11-09 14:02:25
So where have we landed on magnum studios? I'm in a similar position,i have had two phone calls from an "agent" and she is very convincing, when i rang today i was talking to a receptionist (I think) then  put on hold while being put through to my "agent" and told she had done the search to check how i matched to their standards, i scored 73% and she then said that she i fitted the bill for three upcoming movies, one in 30 days time. so it does sound above board and I am due to pay 395 on Wednesday, I am looking to get into the adult industry but this is really thread is putting me off,  any advice? Anybody go through the same willing to share their tales for the lads!  

Angus wrote at 2013-11-13 11:44:16
Chrispy, don't do it, this is a scam, I have been in contact and got the same as you, they are very convincing. I lost some money, and not the only 1. Never pay for anything up front, it's just asking for trouble.

Some of us in the thread above feel that the comments by persons above could be fed in by the company, until they can prove upfront they are genuine, and willing to let possible clients see what goes on,I would have my doubts,but it's up to you.

As for genuine companies, the only ones I have found out about are in America.   


Ian wrote at 2013-11-14 21:42:05
Do not give them anything.  I went with a company called Ann Royal International and they have scammed me 3 times. They then said the next job would not cost me anything. guess what they wanted £1,000 for insurance discounted to £300 like everything else.  Each job was cancelled but of course never re-arranged despite the fact that it was urgent.

Magnum are exactly the same. I got 86% I declined yrt no follow up despite they are on commission. They told me not to pay anything up from yet want £395.

I have an audition with a company that pays a lot less. Question is why pay a lot of money went they don't even know if you can perform in front of a camera.

Answer because its a scam. Take my advice. Rule with your head and not your dick.  

Angus wrote at 2013-11-15 11:02:30
Hi Ian, what company have you got an audition with please, and are they definately genuine ? I am trying to get into the business too, but all I find are scams... would you let us know please if you have any luck.   


Ian wrote at 2013-11-18 20:13:15
Hi Angus,

Send email address to

Simon wrote at 2013-11-19 11:17:33
Hi guys,

I've gone through the same process, paid £395 for a 6-month membership about 3 weeks ago. I haven't had any work yet but they told me I have been selected for private work, for which I will receive £14,000, but I would have to pay £2000 up front. They then go on to explain how these opportunities hardly ever come up for someone with no previous experience, yet reading another thread about the same site I see another guy with exactly the same story, who was given this "once in a lifetime" opportunity, had to turn it down because he couldn't afford the £2000 fee and still hasn't recorded any work weeks later.

I of course am not going to do this and although I'm not ready to condemn the company just yet, this is beginning to look more and more like a scam by the day!

My "agent" comes across so friendly, helpful and proffesional it's difficult not to buy into this but don't rush into paying anything like I did! I will keep everyone on this page updated on my progress and if I do get any work, and also any help or advice from anyone further into the process than I am would be greatly appreciated!

paula wrote at 2013-11-19 18:27:44
All the bad post here about Magnum are fake as i did get work and lots of other people. i guess the post were written by other companies that want you guys to work for a lot less or by ugly fat guys that are jealous coz they cant get into the industry.

I have been aproached by a company that wanted me to work for 60 quid all day, but they wouldnt charge me the fee. I would rather pay to a bonified company where i know i will get good jobs and get paid for it.

They aree 100% safe. I have only good experience with the company

Drake wrote at 2013-11-20 19:48:15
I've been waiting for almost two weeks for the go-ahead for a shoot I was booked for. I've sank in £2000 odd pounds into this. Defaulted on my rent and other payments. Situation is looking bleak at the moment and I don't know what I'm going to do because I genuinely have the body for porn plus I'm Bi-sexual so I should have increased my chances. Obviously if I get the job I'll post up on here but currently I'm scared it's a scam.

Ian wrote at 2013-11-21 11:11:11
Hello guys again. I did finally go on my first job yesterday. i didnt want to post anything here till i know it is for sure. I have been paid 600 euros after the shoot, so it was a very slow start for me, but it has started hapening. I have been selected for anther smaller production in 2 weeks time so i will keep everyone posted..

Simon wrote at 2013-11-21 11:49:18

May I ask, was the £2000 you put in for "private work for a very high profile client"? That's what they're trying to get me to buy into, I too have the ideal physique for porn, I'm a personal trainer and at risk of sounding cocky I'm very muscular, well-hung and a pretty good looking guy but this £2000 few and the enormous amount of money they're offering me when they haven't even seen if I can perform yet raise huge alarm bells with me.

I'm only £395 down and I sincerely hope your £2000 hasn't gone to waste! Until you confirm otherwise I will not be investing another penny. Good luck mate and let us know how you get on...

Ian wrote at 2013-11-22 12:32:44
WARNING The comment written on the 21 was by Ian. From what I can see from this thread the only comments from Ian have been by me!!

Therefore one of these companies having read my threads decided to add some lies. Since I put my email address in one why not ask them to respond to that email and then see if they are genuine!!

Take it from me when you go for a job do you pay that company money to take you on. NO. They pay you to work if they like you, so why no interview, why no audition to see if you can even perform.

I had an interview at a company and now need to make a 15 min  audition DVD to see how I perform with other people and for the camera and they don't pay big money.

I have my blood test on monday and then once I get the certificate I can do the audition. I'll let you know but it will be a few weeks.

In the meantime be very careful giving your money away to scam companies.

Spirit of Leonidas wrote at 2013-11-22 17:45:04
Email I know EVERYTHING on this company

Drake wrote at 2013-11-23 00:43:17
Yeah it's was just as you described private client. Special. When I was due to have the initial meeting. Then the person setting up the meeting became ill so the meeting has been postponed. So on top of another shoot I'm waiting for this private one.

And Ian if this is the scam people talking then it's devastating to hear. As It probably means I've lost my money and will get kicked out of uni. Obviously if things get better I will update.

parvus wrote at 2013-11-25 23:48:15
I was registered with Magnum Studios in september by giving them 398pounds for a 6 month membership.Before i pay the membership i was told by the very polite agent that i have been selected for a casting. When i finally went with them all of a sudden the casting was cancelled. Since then 3 offers have been made but with a big upfront fare. For the first job i was asked to give 1500 pounds upfront for insurance....and this was a frriendlt price...i refused of course telling them that i cannot afford sth like that..i made clear to them that i am not willing to pay any money upfront to get a job and i was given the promise that they will look local jobs for me that a fare is not required. 2 weeks later i had another offer but of course in order to get the job i had to pay 500 pounds as an insurance...of course i rejected the offer telling them exackly the same thing...10 days after this a 3rd offer came...but again there was a price i had to pay 450....their exscuse??that i am getting chosen by international companies...My conclusion...BIG SCAMMERS hidden behind nice manners,empty friendliness and politeness...wolfs in sheeps clothing...i am dissapointed..i have lost 400 pounds and i am not willing to lose more...

Simon wrote at 2013-11-26 23:54:27
Well I'm sorry to say it guys but it seems we have all been scammed by these people. I'm looking into ways to get my scammed money back and while I'm doubtful, if there is one I'll find it. As soon as I do, I will either post any relevant information on this page or provide an email address so you can contact me directly, as there are obviously Magnum scammers posting on this page too.

Drake I feel for you mate, I'm gutted and I've only lost £400. I never thought I could be so gullible as to fall for something like this, expensive lesson learned!

Ian, may I ask which company you have an audition with? Are they definitely above board? I have applied successfully to another site which seems a lot more legit but now, of course the second they ask me for any money I will know otherwise.

Let's do whatever we can to publicise these scam artists and prevent other people suffering the same fate!

Dave wrote at 2013-11-30 00:29:29
Ok guys , can you give us links to movies you've done, some names - directors, other performers ... Anything to verify your story..  

Angie wrote at 2013-12-02 15:57:09
Has anyone really got jobs with this company or not... are the comments above by people working for the company, it looks like it ? I would really like to get into the business and do some films but does anyone know of a company that doesn't scam like this 1 appears to ? I certainly don't want to pay upfront.  

DealornoDeal wrote at 2013-12-02 21:48:28

I joined Magnums about 6 weeks ago.

Answered a few questions and passed ,then i paid £395 for 6 months membership!.

Couple weeks later i got offered a roll/job but Magnums wanted me to pay £700 upfront to do this job/roll-i dont have a spare 700 pounds so i had to said no.

Couple weeks later magnums phone me and say they have another roll/job for me--but this one will cost me 500 pounds !.

I came across this website and read the posts from different people and im still pretty unsure about Magnums.

I thought to myself if Magnums is such a scam....

How can the website still be up and running after 7 or so months ?.

Wouldnt google put a block on it ?.

Im sure there be loads more negative posts about magnums on google if it was such a scam.

So i thought f**k it...let me lay out this £500 magnums have been phoning me for for the last 4 days.

I paid via credit card so hopefully if this is some type of scam i will be covered-and fingers crossed lose nothing.

So...Magnums told me about a roll/job the area and date..i paid £500 to Magums to secure this position and to be added to european books !.

This roll/job im doing is happening very far magnums havent rang me to give me any more information-Well,,i need an address and knowing what time to get there will help.

I will repost letting people know my out come within 2 weeks.  

Drake wrote at 2013-12-03 11:37:17
I can almost garauntee that there will be some sort of "delay" or hold back to filming. I am now working for another company and have been paid for my first shoot but still need my investment back from this company. The private work they say they had is due to happen before New Years  so if that's so then I should have my "initial meeting" soon.

Magnum Studios wrote at 2013-12-06 10:10:52

We are very sorry to see some of the comments and concerns above, so therefore we invite you to call us on 0207 1833 582 to discuss any issues you may have.

We have customer services department that will help you resolve your issues as soon as possible.

We would not advise you to post your contact details on here as anybody can see them and you can not be sure of who you are talking to.

We have many clients who are happy to share their positive experience with our company.

Unfortunately according to some of the posts above there are a few people that feel they have not been provided with the service they expected from us, but yet they have not informed us about concerns they are having, instead they are posted on here.

We have received very few compaints over the last few months, which were dealt with and resolved succesfully, but none of them are from the people writting on here.

We invite you to share your experience with our costumer services department by calling 0207 1833 358 and please ask to speak with Samantha Porter or to email us to

We will take any compaint very seriously and always act in interest of our clients.

We would also like to advise you for your own protection to be careful when sharing your experiences with third parties as it has been brought to our attention that some our members have been asked to provide confidential information and even to part with cash by fake private investigators etc.

Dave wrote at 2013-12-06 10:18:15
Well it looks like no one is verifying they have got jobs. I hate to say it but it does look like a scam. I got asked to pay upfront through Lloyds Bank, was anyone else asked to do that ?

Drake, if you have got a job through another company can you let us know which please ?

Matt S wrote at 2013-12-09 10:04:32
Hello there,

I can not say if Magnum are real or not. I have registered only a week ago and so far everything seems above board, but will let you know if I actually get any work.

I would like to warn you guys to stay away from person above calling him/herself Spirit of Leonidas where he states he knows EVERYTHING about Magnum.

I have emailed him to see what he knows..

What I gatter from him, he is an angry person who has nothing to do with Magnum and has never joined them, but is probably working for another scam company Amateursfun studios and his aim is to get you guys to join them.

He has advised me to email Magnum accountants and to lie to them how I been scammed.

He is coming up with lots of information with no proof and is refusing to tell me who he is and how he is getting all the information he provided me with.

He has advised me to contact their accountants via email or telephone and to give them a fake name and make up lies in order to shut them down.

He says he has lots of legal skills and knows lots about adult industry and is advising me to join Amateursfun studios and I know in fact they are a scam company and my friend has lost lots of money by Amateurs fun which tells me he is a scammer himself.

He will advise you not to email Magnum directly should you wish a refund and not to provide them with bank details as they would empty your account. Anyone knows that you can not empty someones account just by knowing their bank details.

I have informed Magnum and their accountants of his malintentions and they said they are aware of him and are in process of locating his whereabouts.

His only aim is to get your refunds into his own acount after which you will not hear from him again.

He will also advise you to join another scam company he is probably part of.

He has become vey rude and started calling me names because I did not want to cooperate which tells me he has no legal or professional skills. Stay away from him!  

PS111 wrote at 2013-12-09 10:27:19
There is a guy posting on here Spiritos Leonidas with this email address

He has taken money from me and convinced me Magnum are a scam. Now I know that most of bad posts on here are wtitten by him as Magnum Studios have given me work.

This person has various different names such as James Newton, Paul Smith, Peter Stavrow, Spirit of Leonidas and Sprtitus Leonidas.

If you type any of them names into google search you will find that this guy is a fake private investigator and a scam artists who is working for scam adult film companies and is trying to get you to get money of one company in order to pay him.

He has got me in proper trouble and I lost money through him!

I want everyine to know he is nothing but scammer and when I find out who he is, he will be locked up!!!

Dave wrote at 2013-12-09 23:19:24
This company have ruined me. I'm in a similar position to drake. My eviction is today and still no information. Just "cancellations" and "delays". If I could take all of it back I would. Imma end up homeless and up to my ears in debt. That is unless any of my "jobs" waiting for me come through with their initial meeting but we wait and see eh.........

Laurie wrote at 2013-12-10 13:25:54
I have also been aproached by this scammer as well and he wanted me to join another company and was claimig Magnum has scammed me and wanted me to email to their accountants.

I will also let Magnum know about this persons intentions and to their accountants.

Samantha porter wrote at 2013-12-10 15:40:35
Don't don't don't don't even think about joining magnum - or a2z or any other site we are all scams of old.  People getting rich off the back of you nice folks for years.  Merry Xmas

Magnum Studios wrote at 2013-12-13 11:44:18
Dear Members,

First of all the post here written by Samantha Porter is fake, as Ms Porter works in our costumer services department and has never posted on here.

We also suspect many other posts are fake, written by the same person.

We would like to warn our clients to stay away from person calling themselves Spirit of Leonidas, as we found out this person has nothing but mal intentions towards our members and our company.

We had numerous complaints about this person and we are aware he is using many different names such as James Newton, Paul Smith, Peter Stavrou etc.

We would like to invite anybody having any issues with their membership to contact us directly on 0207 1833 582 and ask to speak to Ms Samantha Porter or to email to

We would like to assist anybody that believes they have not received the service they expected.  

Luke wrote at 2013-12-13 11:55:24
This guy Peter has conned me. stay away from him, he is all over the internet. Check the following link and there is much more...

MB6rr wrote at 2013-12-13 11:57:39
Magnum Studios are real. I been working for them for a year now and had lots of jobs. I don“t know what the problem is here

Fight against Fraud wrote at 2013-12-16 16:30:56
Message to Magnum.Your malicious untrue posts & continued harrassment,thinly veiled threats to the private investigator have been reported to police.You are fully aware that the 'fake detective' as you call him has done absolutely nothing wrong.He has never asked for a penny from anybody nor will he ever nor has he ever asked for any secure information.The only fake is have scammed people often for £000's.The 'positive' posts on magnum are by your employees(scammers),for example the one about magnum providing work for the past 1 year.Magnum have only been going less than 8 months.The absurd stories about the detective are also posted by magnum.Check for example the fake story about magnums accountants Sochall trying to locate him for scamming.Google Sochall,magnums accountants.Many of you scam victims will have paid into a Sochall account.Phone them on 0207-291-1000.Far from chasing the detective who has scared magnum into providing some refunds this detective got magnum's bank account frozen & sochall admitted magnum were committing fraud.You victims need to get on to sochall & ask if magnum have been reported to the fraud police by them.If not why not?The couple of people who have got scammed money refunded have done so through sochall.Many people have reported magnum to 'action fraud'.If you dial your local police on 101,ask to be put through to 'action fraud' to report  this crime.The whole call costs 15p.Or google 'action fraud' to report via their website.

scambuster wrote at 2013-12-16 17:23:26
I would be very sceptical about a customer services person who keeps calling herself 'costumer' services.This department was only invented by magnum once their whole scam began to unravel.I know of many people who have paid £00's for first membership & then £000's for guaranteed work meant to take place several months ago which was 'private','high profile' or 'international'.People with no experience who have never even been called for an audition promised £12,000 or £14,000 for their first filmshoot in some cases.All these people have the following in common:






Magnum state on their website their 'registered office' is in the contact section of their website.It isn't & they refuse to give out a genuine address to which county court papers can be sent to pursue magnum for money scammed.The Upper Ground address they say is a sub-flat cannot be traced at all online.They will not even give the name of the company which owns the website.In emails this seems to be Magnum Studios,but there seems to be no such name currently 'registered' as magnum state they are.They also refuse to give out a registration number.Do a domain search on their website.Registeted in Panama,initial life of website 21.4.13 to 21.4.14.

    Magnum have failed to provide a single shred of evidence that they are anything to do with adult films.Their basic 'holding page' website states shoots vary from softcore to playboy.Why then is all the work they offer over the phone hardcore?

    They state they have been around in america since 1992.Try googling this.Their history is non-existent & untraceable.Ask for their American website,they won't give it.They make the poor excuse that the american  business has a different name.Thats not what it says on their website.It says 'Magnum Studios' have come over.Why would they change the name for the UK if american name is so recognisable & successful.Did McDonalds change their name when they came over?Ask for the american company name & website which you can verify is linked to magnum.Guess what they won't give it.

    Magnum were ridiculing victims with absurd orders such as to send an email in 'no less than 500 words' as to why they should get a refund.If you google 'magnum M60 7RA' you get a result on '' or something similar.There is an ad from magnum in manchester.If you go to ' & do 'find an address' from postcode M60 7RA you get:

Network Rail Ltd

Tower Block

Piccadilly Station


M60 7RA. This postcode I believe also applies to other parts of this station.Magnum said to someone over the phone that they have a call centre in Manchesyer.The tower block in their postcode has,I believe,office units for rent & possibly other parts of the station do as well.  

scambuster wrote at 2013-12-16 18:20:11
I agree link to ripoff report website is meaningless.Anybody can post on there anybody can post whatever they want,the website doesnt verify anything.The post is by magnums scammers trying to discredit the detective.Also on this website its easy to impersonate a previous post as you can take an existing username.

   Just think about these links between, & & amateurplayhoide have same dialling code 0207-183.In addition people have been phoned back from magnum on the same 0207-183-1178 number which appears on the a2z website?The websites all play the same music when on hold.They also seem to have some of the same ladies on the phones.'Debbie' with the northern accent on the phone for magnum & a2z,Melanie Philips for magnum & a2z.A2z have ,like magnum,the 'private' work,similar phrases/terminology.All their advertising is similar targeting in particular men 'urgently needed all ages,shapes,sizes,no experience' .Basically all  mugs welcome,we dont care whose money we scam.

    In magnums case they state they state on website they have over 1000 tv/film jobs in 2014.Also state 'magnum studios will be able to place you in a wide variety of available roles & photoshoots.Why then after paying £00's to register do you have to pay £000's more BEFORE any work.

     The thing victims should have looked at particularly with magnum website is how do potential employers view model profiles?Genuine websites

have model profiles.You just click on a model & fill out & send an online form on their website.This takes next to no time.They also work on commission,model pays no upfront fees of any kind.Magnum when questioned have come up with hopeless & completely different answers as to how employers view model profiles such as a computer disk,additional page blah blah blah.If there is an additional webpage ask for the web address of the homepage.

  The parent company of which as stated above seems to have links to magnum is A2Z Entertainment Europe Limited.Google them.Their registration number is 08763523.Registration is no guarantee of a company being genuine.When you register a company its all done inW good faith,that means Companies House don't verify anything.Names/addresses could be fake.When you google this company & go to director websites you get 3 directors Simon Grant,Scott McKenzie & Vanessa Williams.There are 2 addresses,one in bromley,one in cannock.All this information could be fake & nothing to do with the real people behind this company.There is an email for vanessa williams which is:

Anti-fraud fighter wrote at 2013-12-17 13:52:01
To Magnum scam victims they have given a managing director name of Lisa Davies,but the person who seems to be senior is a foreign,possibly Spanish,lady.Magnum seem to have links to Marbella.Her name is michelle,i think surname is sommers (all very likely fake)telephone 0207-183-2379

PeggySue wrote at 2013-12-17 16:00:14
People who have been scammed by Magnum need to contact Sochalls.

Sochalls are a chartered accountancy firm registered and based in London.

Call them on 0207-291-1000.

It would seem that there is never anyone around to take your call. Only reception. I've been waiting for 2 weeks for a call back from an accountant or manager. Suspiciously, not one person can call me back in two weeks. No one will engage on the subject of magnum studios.

Give them a call and tell them you are a victim of fraud by magnum studios. You would like a refund on the hundreds (or thousands) of pounds you have been deceived out of. If anyone here is in London, it could be worth paying a visit to their office:

9 Wimpole Street



As it stands, Sochalls appear to be as bent as Magnum. They are negligent of the cases being put forward about magnum, suggesting that they are an accessory to the criminal doings of Magnum.

If you have paid money into Magnum's Sochall account, give them a call and post how you get on.

Fedup2 wrote at 2013-12-20 14:42:09
Hi all,

If you find that you cannot get money back from either Magnum or Sochalls(who are supposed to be a reputable company), contact they deal with all sorts of scams and internetfraud etc.  

ben-adams wrote at 2013-12-30 19:57:10

Ive been scammed by Ann Royal International.

They have adverts on Friday-Ad website.

They claimed they had work in the area, once I paid the "advertising fee" No work has happened.

Is there anyone else that has been a victim?

Does anyone know a way in getting my money back?

I've been in contact with action fraud, Just wondering what I can do.

Fergus wrote at 2014-01-14 16:33:54
It would appear everything has gone quiet since Xmas and New Year, does that mean that things have been resolved and Magnum are legitimate or arnt and have closed up ?

Is anybody still fighting to get money back or have now found jobs, it would be interesting to find out.  

Fergus wrote at 2014-01-23 14:50:52
Yep, definately gone quiet... hope everyone got things resolved,let me know if not.

Simon wrote at 2014-01-28 10:16:00
Hi Fergus,

I never actually managed to get anything resolved, have just been so busy lately it put it to the back of my mind. Does anyone know the current situation with magnum? Have people got their money back? I haven't heard anything from them in a long time. Any information would be appreciated, thanks

Mart wrote at 2014-01-28 11:32:47
Hello, I have been a member with magnum since Feb 2013 and I thought they are a scam coz I had nothing for first 4 and a half months, but then I got a call in mid June and could not believe I was actually selected, but the work did go ahead and I got 600 pounds. In July I done 2 more jobs, one was 900 pounds and other 550. Then my membership expired and I went to Australia for few months where my family lives.

I am going to reregister with them again as I do believe i will be more succesful now that i have done 3 jobs already and have more experience.

U understand why some people are annoyed, but it takes time to break through in this industry and believe me i tried for 5 years. It is even harder for males to get work.Some people may have been less successful then others, but it does not mean they have been scammed.

As i said i waited 4 and a half months for my first job and as soon as i had that first one, i got 2 more offers the following month, coz they saw i did well on the first shoot.

They have thousands of people on their books and surely if they were scamming people there would be many more complaints and the fact that there is only few people above not happy amongst thousands that are it shows they are genuine.

jennie wrote at 2014-02-11 14:04:57
I have put into magnum £3000 and have NOTHING in return so far, told I would get private clients and alsort.

need help with contacting them as their phones always seem to be busy and my messages are not being returned.

can someone email me and help me asap as I need to get this sorted

Ian wrote at 2014-02-27 20:24:58
What I find amazing on this forum is that it is all about scams in the adult industry, yet people post saying they have got jobs. Why are they on this forum in the first place, why are looking for forums where people have been scammed. I suspect they represent companies trying to scam us but maybe I'm being cynical, I doubt it!

Anyway has anyone seen on backpage redlight.entertainment. They want £429 to promote you. Have a sneaky feeling that they maybe Ann Royal International. Why? Everyone I spoke to there over 6 months and it must be a dozen people all in the conversation mentioned 'darling'. How are you darling, look after yourself darling, speak to you soon darling. It was so unreal. This company ended it with look after yourself darling. It is not natural especially in Nottingham.

Be warned I suspect they are a scam.


Ben wrote at 2014-04-03 09:21:36
Hi Ian,

What make you think It's Ann Royal?

Where can I see this advert? As I was scammed by Ann Royal.

Is the website   ?

Sandy wrote at 2014-04-15 13:17:47
Hi I think Ann Royal is same people as AtoZ Productions and Amateur Playhouse. Im trying to find ways to get my money back from Ann Royal, 2 grand I wasted on them...

benadams wrote at 2014-04-17 16:29:50
Hi Sandy, I also got scammed by Ann Royal, I have have had an update from Action Fraud. Email me at:

magnum studios staff wrote at 2014-05-16 00:46:01
Do not do not do not pay anything to these scammers I am not joking seriously this is a fraud setup that is wracking in the perpetrators a small fortune . please please please don't believe anything they tell you and don't send them any replies . They are dangerous people who have your privacy in there hands. These companies are fake and totally have nothing to do with the industry. People saying that they have work this is propaganda from the companies to limit the damage caused by the real people who are telling you that this is a SCAM! !

Don't be another victim there are easier ways to make money. Don't lose what you have to these scammers !

and if magnum or any other scammers are reading this then have some moral guts and spot what you are doing. Return the people's money! And mine!  

magnum studios staff wrote at 2014-05-16 00:50:43
This is the accounting firm that deals with your money.  Talk to them.

Nilufer Hoare


9 Wimpole Street

London W1G 9SR

magnum studios staff wrote at 2014-05-16 01:02:07
Do not do not do not pay anything to these scammers I am not joking seriously this is a fraud setup that is wracking in the perpetrators a small fortune . please please please don't believe anything they tell you and don't send them any replies . They are dangerous people who have your privacy in there hands. These companies are fake and totally have nothing to do with the industry. People saying that they have work this is propaganda from the companies to limit the damage caused by the real people who are telling you that this is a SCAM! !

Don't be another victim there are easier ways to make money. Don't lose what you have to these scammers !

and if magnum or any other scammers are reading this then have some moral guts and spot what you are doing. Return the people's money! And mine!

Magnum studios AtoZ Productions and Amateur Playhouse are scam. Their company may have changed names, they also deal in identity fraud and fake passports ,be careful when you go after them! They have threatened cvber but he won't go to the police.

This is the name and firm dealing with your money , speak to them. Every one on this site needs to speak with this person it get your money back.

Nilufer Hoare (


9 Wimpole Street

London W1G 9SR

Sarah wrote at 2014-07-02 09:57:03
This company claimed to hire me, asked for sexually explicit photos and £600 pounds. after i paid them they rang me back and asked for another £3000 pounds claiming it was for insurance. i did not comply as they told me i would not be asked for any more money. they said they'd find me a job within 2 weeks that was amateur work and didn't cost me anything and they have since failed to respond to me or get in touch.  

Jake wrote at 2014-07-16 10:49:53
This company had 375 pounds off me back in May, I heard from them 3 weeks later saying I had a job, but would need to pay 500 quid upfront for insurance. I live an hour away from 1 of their studios and asked if I could have a look with the agent who I had been talking to, after all if I had paid,surely I could get to see what type of work I was going to be doing !! Of course the answer I got was a definate NO...

I was asked to pay up front for an aids test at a nearby clinic, Magnums wouldn't even foot the bill for that either, why ?? Since then I have been waiting,I have been in contact since and I still get told I would get work. I'm fed up of these scammers, I tried there so called customer services, it appears to be someone who works on their so called reception !! Don't lose your money or get conned like I did.  

kami wrote at 2014-08-06 18:21:50
does anyone know for definite if redlightentertainment.niz is a scam?

Ben wrote at 2014-08-12 14:42:06
I recently managed to get the Police to look into Ann Royal International. Basically after months of investigating they found that they hadn't done anything wrong. Despite conning me out of £300, they said they had interviewed the suspect and that they were not commiting fraud.

All of these "companies" like Ann Royal, Redlight Entertainment, can't actually lose. Because in their terms and conditions they say they only "advertise" you. Therefore despite saying on the phone you will get work, they dont actually have to get you work- all they do is "advertise".

So even if you take these "companies" to Police, they are untouchable as they would say in their terms and conditions they only advertise you on their site, and cant guarantee their "clients" will be interested in you.  

Ann Royal aka wrote at 2014-08-13 12:30:05
I think you guys ought to find real jobs and move on...

Just face it you'll never be porn stars as nobody wants to pay to have sex with you

whyterose wrote at 2014-08-18 09:59:59
Another 'reputable' agency that may deserve to be added to the hall of shame:

Fred Dong wrote at 2014-08-18 14:58:41
The answer above just about sums up what everyone on here knew,that a bunch of criminals and individuals taking advantage are trying to milk people for greed and not for running anhonest business... I have been employed in the past and got paid for what I was doing so Ann Royal you're incorrect in your assumption. I enjoyed what I did and have got a real job too... I hope life treats you eventually to what you deserve

BloodyIdiot wrote at 2014-08-18 17:24:43 is most likely a scam. I have unfortunately been drawn in by one of there, "agents," parting with £400 plus pounds. I'm an attractive guy, well endowed, young and single. I thought why not invest a little and make some returns. Weeks later I'm called by another agent trying to get me to part with £1500.

Why would I pay for a service that I haven't recieved? Precisely. My only regret is ever becoming involved with them at all.

Anyone posting otherwise or trying to negate this is 100% in the employ of the scammers. Be wary.  

Baraqer wrote at 2014-08-22 13:41:12
Hi I work with redlight, but they dont give me many job.

Ben wrote at 2014-09-12 14:03:40
Hi Baraquer, I to have been scammed by Redlight Entertainment, Email me on the following email address as I have some information that is useful.

Baraqer wrote at 2014-09-15 18:38:42
Hello, 3 monts now i am with redlight and hve filmed 3 times. is that good or bad? will i get more work with another compani?

Barker wrote at 2014-09-15 19:00:30
Has anybody heard of amateur playhouse?? they took my money 600 quid last year ad then dissapeared. have they opened under another name?  

Robert wrote at 2014-09-19 11:17:44
Hello I heard Redlight entertainment is legit and people are getting work from them. I am not registered with them, but know somebody.

I might be coming on board as well.

I will post on here how i get on if i decide to go ahead with them.

Baraqer wrote at 2014-09-19 11:19:25
Hi Ben, they dont scam me. they give me 3 jobs already now. I am very very happy now with good company redlight

Marcus wrote at 2014-09-30 17:58:25
I am also working with redlight entertainment. they are fully legit. great company!

Peppa wrote at 2014-09-30 18:01:23
Hi I think I got scammed by amateurs fun studios. I paid them last year in November and up to date no work. Only excuses. Anyone with same experiences on here??

Brian wrote at 2014-10-07 10:29:26
Hi Amateurs studios are a scam for sure. Redlight I think is legit.

jh.1969 wrote at 2014-10-10 16:17:08
Hi, I think I may have been scammed by a company called Seductive productions.Thay claim to be an adult talent agency that has lots and lots of work. I would like anybody tht has any information on them to email me to

If I find that there are other people with same experiences, and it turns out they are a fraud, I will make my story public.

Thanks in advance

Jez wrote at 2014-10-15 04:16:13
They all advertise on craigslist as well, that well known bastion of truth and honesty.

Luckily I refused to pay their costs once I worked out that they were in fact all the same people, there might be some genuine ones out there but if you hear the same cheesy 1970's porn music on hold, run away.

Parky wrote at 2014-10-22 17:34:55
Hi, alos having same problems with seductive productions. email me if u know anything and i will tell u what i know.

chartley1471 wrote at 2014-10-25 10:38:26
I signed up with Seductive Productions in July.  Paid my £299.  They were enthusiastic and appeared professional.  One week later their 'casting department' ring me.  A European film company has seen my picture and thinks I might fit in well on their up coming film.  The filming is described in detail to me.  The catch?  I need to pay £1500 to cover 'the European end of the advertising".  I say I don't have that sort of money.  Agent promises to go away to "renegotiate ". The next week she rings back.  Guess what?  An amazing reduction to £600 for an "opportunity newbies rarely get".  Seduced by the spiel I foolishly cough up the cash.  Of course, once they have my money it all goes quiet.  Excuse after excuse about "delays'. Finally I got fed up and threatened legal action, police involvement and the Small Claims Court if I didn't have either a start to the filming or my money back by a certain date.  Amazingly, they returned the £600.  My advice to anyone who is considering this line of work is avoid any and all agencies like this.  Trust your intuition.  Seductive Productions are a very smooth, plausible and polished scam outfit.

benadams wrote at 2014-10-27 16:30:43
My name is Ben. I've dealt with Redlight Entertainment. They are a total scam. Once you pay the money, no work is provided. Unfortunately they know about this forum, so anyone supporting them, are actually working on their behalf.

Do not be scammed !!!

I've already had many emails from people who were thinking of joining them. Any questions, email me on:  

Jordan wrote at 2014-10-31 11:04:37
For anyone who got scammed by Ann Royal International last year, the people behind that scam are now operating as "Jewels Bookings".

They are again advertising all over Friday Ad.

Any information, drop me an email at:

Chante wrote at 2014-11-30 07:57:28

As anyone heard of AmateurPlayhouse I recently joined them about nearly a month age paid a membership fee of 140.00 then I was contacted a few day later to pay another 400.00 upfront fee for a 'job offer' that was promised and even confirmation sent via email(which I was hesitant but foolishly did)Next day received a call stating that the the'job' had to be cancelled due to licensing problems.Since then I have tried to contact them but phone and email with no reply(but I will be trying to recover my lost fees at some point) I have gather that I have been 'scammed' Would like to know if anyone else has been scam by the so-called genuine agencies.They need to be report to the authorities or named and shamed so that no one else can suffer the same fate

Chante wrote at 2014-12-01 17:59:02
I just to say even though I have had recent contact from AmatPlayhouse I'm still uncertain. Hopefully I will prove myself wrong and I will sincerly apologise.Will keep you updated.

tirath wrote at 2014-12-23 14:10:20
Hi guys.

I've Contacted a website acting as agents to get men and women into amateur porn. The website name is

Has anyone heard of this website and can anyone confirm if this is a scam?

Chante wrote at 2014-12-24 07:48:40
I'm updating about AmateurPlayhouse.After no contact with them for some time I contacted them requesting for the 400.00 that I advanced to them stating that I would take legal action or report them to the authorities. I received a vague reply back stating that I must refer to the term and conditions(abviously no mention of returning the money. These companies use the terms and conditions excuse to g to get away with 'fraud' but as I have discovered that it is illegal to get people to pay upfront or additional fees knowing that there is no work other words deception. I have contacted Action Fraud and passed on all the information to them and will be looking in ways to recover my money.Anyone who has been scammed by this company do not hesitate to contact the authorities as companies like this should not be allowed to get away with this so easily. Please get back to me if you have any involvement with this company.

The Fearless 1 wrote at 2014-12-28 15:58:54
Email am willing to offer my 'very special set of skills' as Liam Neeson might say to any scam victims on here completely pro bono(free of charge).I will NEVER ask for a penny or any secure information whatsoever.Amateur Playhouse are almost certainly exactly the same scammers as Magnum Studios whose scam ran for about a year from 21.4.13.I think I can help some of you with this one(Amateur Playhouse) or at least stop you getting ripped off again.Also read scambuster's post from 16.12.13.Also if a company accepts subscriptions and/or additional payments to secure jobs which they know will never exist,i.e.the company is a complete fake that is criminal deception aka fraud regardless of their terms and conditions.Even if you're not guaranteed work,if you've paid only to go on a fake database,ie in reality the company has no connection with adult film makers then that is still 100% fraud in law and in reality,plain and simple.  

Chante wrote at 2015-01-03 07:44:50
Just to let everyone know if you are going to email The Fearless from here,just be aware that he will give you some viable information but when I asked for more help or to speak with him further and in which he agreed...there was no contact whatsover...very strange. I'm only interested in genuine people that are willing to share information or help others who have been in this situation. Please feel free get back to me.

i've been scammed wrote at 2015-01-08 15:36:05
i have recently been scammed for £250 by the above

experiances by other people match my own, and i would advise anyone

thinking of parting with cash not too.

if you have been scammed too, then get in contact with action fraud.

phone on 03001232040. or website is.

dont worry about the nature of the work which you were seeking, they

are not interested in this or there to judge you, only to deal with these nasty

scam artists. please make effort to report your experiance so that some justice

can be gained.

be aware that a defence post will most likely follow my own, do not be fooled

into thinking this is anything other then redlight posing as a satisfied customer.

jackdusty67 wrote at 2015-01-22 08:13:18
Thank God for places like this. I have been enquiring at Redlight Entertainment and after doing their questionaire was told I was at 73%. My photos would increase this another 3%.

I was first told it was £459 for six months or six humdred and something for 12 months. A call a day later suggested there was a film that wanted a mature chubby (me a 62 yo fatty) to appear. As an exceptional case I could pay £250 for three months as I had indicated I wanted time to think about investing £400 odd pounds. The offer to reduce this made me thing and so an online search. Found this thread which I think has confirmed my fears. Will let you know if i hear from them again

JDee wrote at 2015-02-28 16:30:22
No worthwhile agency charges upfront fees, there's no need to. They can simply take a cut of your earnings, simple. Scammers the lot of them.

S.P. wrote at 2015-06-24 09:15:00
I am investigating Filthy Bang ( they the are same people as Seductive Productions and ossibly were or are running under other names. They have taken 1000“s from people like you. I have an extensive list of people who have been ripped off by them. If you have any information on either of these 2 company and you would like to be a part of taking them down email me

John wrote at 2015-07-01 09:21:31
Yes, I have been approached by filthy bang and wanted to take my money agan with there lies. they are the same people as magnum studios. scam scam scam! watch out.  don“t fall for there lies

David wrote at 2015-07-07 10:25:22
OMG thank God i noticed this before I paid them.

I will send all information to you SP. teh already call me in magnum studio yes i no now they same guys i pay them over 1000 and never call for work.

kevin wrote at 2015-09-20 17:26:26
Hi a lot of these companies are fake. Filfy bang is another. They offer work tell you the date and then dont contact you. When you phone them back they get angry and say you didnt answer your phone and they left two voice mails. I said they didnt phone me cause i dont have voice mail. Then they get snotty at you and say they cant work with you.

I have found out that people that say they got work from magun or filth bang are part of the scam. Yes i lost £400.

Kev wrote at 2016-05-07 15:38:21


Email me for further details  

Ayton Jones wrote at 2016-06-04 09:57:08
If you have lost money to porn or escort companies that have not provided the service you were promised, contact Ayton Jones Associates!

We work on no win no fee basis and have 88% success rate in recovering money lost through various scams.

fooled-again wrote at 2016-09-29 05:40:44
I got scammed by magnum and now I feel scammed by ayton-jones, their website has been down for ages, they promise call backs/emails and they never respond. every time I call them, they say, I was just going to email/call you. and nothing happens.  they sound vary professional but alas.... so I have loads quite a bit between magnum and ayntonjones.

Jamie wrote at 2016-10-13 19:51:52
I Was Scamed by Filthybang Last year who have Changed Their name to Casting Climax and Looks like pumping Action is the same company as well, They are Criminals and Need to be Taken Down, They Have No Heart they Just ask for more and more money and Even made me take a Loan out, Which i have Only Just paid off, I Spoke to a woman called Honey who seemed genuine but it's all a Act, it's a Clever Company, if you have Been Scamed by Filthybang, Casting Climax or Pumping Action, Contact Sarah  

Jamie wrote at 2016-10-13 20:10:47
I was Scamed by Filthybang Last year, Who Have Changed their name to Casting Climax and Same Company as pumping action, They have Scamed 100s of people out of thousands of pounds, They Need to be Taken Down, the woman i spoke to Called Honey seem a Genuine person, but it all a Act, Fake promises and Lies, They Don't have a heart They Just keep Asking for more and more money and even made me take out a Loan, they just kept coming up with different excuses, if you have Been Scamed by Filthybang, Casting Climax or Pumping Action, Contact Sarah  

Andy wrote at 2016-12-09 10:00:30
Magnum are scams i payed my membership kept ringing if there were work they didnt even ring me once they oftered me training which i would had fork out 750 pounds thats wen i thought this ay right im 100 % real  they make out they can get you work not once did they organise or asked 4 my medical or push 4 it they are a joke  

James wrote at 2016-12-19 14:10:37
Filthy Bang aka Pumping Action aka Casting Climax have now changed their name into STUDIO BLUE.

They tend to call same people with a different company name trying to charge same fees again. Watch out guys!

Here are their details:



tel: 01613940068  

RajeshD12 wrote at 2017-01-19 09:27:29
Hi, I have been contacted by Studio blue. they want take money from me. they fake comany

Jamie wrote at 2017-04-04 16:56:14
Casting Climax, Filthybang, pumping Action, porn Scammers have been Tracked Down by fraud investigators, in Spain, if you Have Been Scamed by Them you might be able to Get your Money Back, will Let you know if I Manage to Get my Money back  

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