Adult Swinging/wife is interested in swinging

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Wesley Roettger wrote at 2011-08-21 01:33:16
I have found that if you are new to swinging, you should check out a club like this site will talk to you and answer your questions about this life style. This life style works very well for couples in an open relationship

austin wrote at 2012-08-19 19:37:54
well i can help you with your search, i can be a third man on the swinging party if you like just mail me,we can try to arrange things.

Audrey wrote at 2014-06-15 05:18:28
In my opinion, so far, the best we are using to hook-up here in the philippines is "" you can also try the craiglist.

Adult Swinging

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Questions related to Swinging i.e. Why did you choose to become a swinger, He/She wants to but I have doubts, How to begin/get started, What is the purpose of swinging, Why would you become a swinger, Should we/shouldn't we, Rules (Are/Aren't they needed, What should they be, What should be non-negotiable, What can be compromised, What to do if rules are ignored or broken), House vs. private parties, Resources to locate other swingers, What does it mean to take one for the team Questions we can't answer: Any alternative sexual questions other than swinging, i.e. Bestiality, Gang Banging, anything to do with minors, B/D or S&M, toilet games, etc. We also don't feel proficient in answering in depth relationship questions, we are not marriage/relationship counselors, if we receive a question that falls into that category we will refer you to seek professional help.


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