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Adult Swinging/First Swinging Experience - dos and don'ts


Shane wrote at 2014-12-12 04:35:07
Well, Mr. B. Here are my answers in response to your questions.

1. You and your wife love each other as far as I have read the way you have said. You both would like to explore new horizons but also want each other to mutually benefit. Your wife loves oral & that's your way of making her reach cloud 9. I do not think your wife is ready for a full swap yet (Answering it from my own marital experience). I would say go for a threesome first & see how much your wife enjoys it. The sexual happiness in your marriage lies with your wife's happiness. So choose mutually a woman & go for it but concentrate on her pleasures. I assure you, you shall be rewarded in the long run. Once you both are comfortable with the idea of sharing or swapping then invite a couple. You have to keep your jealousy under control because every guy would get jealous watching his wife with another man no matter how much exciting it is. You have to understand that she loves you but is enjoying the very moment & nothing else and she approved for this only with your approval. So you are the hero.

2. Mr. B, She brought up the feeling of jealousy because she loves you and she deeply cares for your feelings before her's. She wants you to be happy before she also enjoys it. Everybody goes through the feeling of jealousy at some point of time but were able to manage it. She is scared to. So you have to assure her and also assure yourself that you both love each other deeply & this is just sex & pleasure not love.

So talk to each other & try to get down to a mutual agreement. Im sure this will be a wonderful experience for both of you as it is your first time. Try recording it & safe keep it as you will cherish the feeling forever.

If you are worried about how to please your wife & how does she like her sex to be then type in Her Date Of Birth, Time Of Birth, Place of Birth with State & Country for sexual astrology. I can give you details of how she likes her sex & how much you can improve.

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We can answer the following type of questions: 1. My wife and I are contemplating swinging. 2. My spouse is interested but I'm not. 3. Friends of ours are swingers and have asked us to try it but we're not sure.


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