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i am Prem from Srilanka 38 years old man expert in massage therapy i want to do massage services for  girls and ladies  who are coming to Srilanka as a tourist i like specially European guest can you help me would you like to introduce me interested crowd my contact no 0094773948697

I don't know what you want, If you want to place a free ad, in a place where swingers will see it. You should post your ad at:  This is a free service. And you should get some of the people you are looking for here.

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I'm the owner of Asian-Dove a social web site in Asia, we host Philippine Swingers and Blind Date witch is a Swingers club with a twist, We host parties and the members will be blindfolded at one party the ladies will wear the blind fold the next party the men will wear the blindfold. We have a form where people can write in and ask questions about the life style and get there questions answered before they join. We are happy to talk to anyone about the life style, and we don't want to convince them to join but to give them the information they need to make up there own mind.

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My education is not in this field other than just experience in my own life and over 20 years of living this life style

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Sorry this is very private, and you wouldn't want me to drop your name

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