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First of all, I love the fact that i found this site, that being said, my wife and i have been together for 6 years, married for 4 years. We have been in the lifestyle for about a year now,she is Bi, and we started off by going to swingers clubs, house parties, and meet and greets. As voyeurs also we enjoyed watching all the hot action at the clubs and parties, then we would go back to our bed, and then it's totally on.
in addition to being Bi, my wife loves to suck cock......(and would gladly swallow too). Now first off we are a soft swap couple, and met another couple that we both liked, now even though they are a full swap couple , they respected the fact that we are a soft swap , and we had playtime with them,
for our first time we were obviously nervous, it was a hot time though, the ladies started getting into it, kissing, and licking each other, then the husband politely asked if he can lick my wife's pussy, and I felt comfortable enough and said yes, I also ate his wife's pussy...... a hot night indeed!
In previous conversations and setting up our rules, we came up with a no penetration rule, same room play etc. My wife asked me if I would be fine with her sucking another man's cock, and obviously that was before we even met this other couple, I told her i was not fine with her sucking another mans cock. Now since I am straight and not interested in cuckolding, I have an issue with kissing my wife after she sucks another mans cock, since I don't want to taste the other mans flavor, I know there is a taste, since after she sucks my cock I can taste my flavor.
The second time we played with this couple, after the husband ate her pussy, she was so turned on that she reciprocated and sucked his cock, while he did not cum in her mouth, at least I don't think so.... Anyway right at that point I totally lost my erection, and the mood died, I was anxious to get out of there. On the drive home we talked about it, and I asked her if she forgot about our rule? I had her brush her teeth and rinse with mouthwash before we finished our night together, I know that was wrong of me now, but just did not want to taste another mans juices, i have since then apologized to my wife and told her that it was not my intention to make her feel dirty.
Moving forward, how can I let my wife enjoy her other fetish of sucking cock, without her feeling like she did something dirty because I don't want to kiss and taste another man?
I want for my wife to enjoy all aspects of the lifestyle, and fulfill her fantasies, as well as mine. I am more into seeing her with another female, I am totally confused, but i don't want to have that feeling of that night again, how do i deal with this?

You didn't do anything wrong, she did.  As I always recommend to new couples'; sit down, discuss the ground rules and stick to them.  Never let the passion of the moment take over, regrets are almost a guarantee.

Onto your second question.  If your wife wants to perform fellatio on other guys but you're against the idea what about having him wear a condom ?  This way she gets to perform, he gets to finish and everybody stays clean.  Win, win.

Discuss the ground rules again and make sure both of you stick to them  

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