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I have often come across suggestions that ground rules needs to be set as to what not to do. We have not yet started swinging but my wife & I hve decided that no ground rules be set and that we should go with the flow. In the heat of passion ground rules may be broken and this may lead to feeling of guilt. Hence we have decided to enjoy to the fullest extent and do all that which excites us.

Kindly advice if we are right on this and if this can lead to any problems when we start this.

Hi Nish,
Even if you don't want to establish any ground rules, it's important that you talk through thoroughly and in detail what your expectations are about various scenarios that might arise. You want to be sure that you've covered all the bases so that you are totally sure that you will be happy with whatever happens. The key to successful swinging is communication.
It's great that you have decided to enjoy it to the fullest extent - just make sure you're both on the same page.
Hope this helps - have fun!
Best wishes

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