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My girlfriend and I have been together for over a yr now. We have went thru so much together and finally have got to a solid place in our relationship. She was always open sexually and I didn't know how to handle it so I had it in my mind she was just a whore that I couldn't trust her  so I pushed her away a couple times, then later found out I could trust her very much. I have now come to terms that her and I are the same and we want to try swinging. We both have had experiences but never with someone we care about. She is fine with all of it one on one, or full same room or soft, whatever she is down. I am too but have concerns. What if the guy is bigger, better or she is more attracted to this guy, as some of these people are single. I am new to this and it excites me to do this but in the back of my mind I'm worried a little. Is this normal at first till you do it a couple times or am I just crazy lol

Hi Kevin,
Jealousy is an issue that all potential swingers are concerned about. The reality is that the stronger your relationship the less it will be a problem. If you are really sure that your girlfriend loves you and that swinging is just a fun way to enhance your sex life (rather than replace any part of it) then you'll probably find it won't be a concern.
It's important that you both talk through any reservations or worries that you have. Also set some rules about what you are and aren't comfortable with happening.
Swinging is more than anything about communication - you can't have too much of it.
Hope this helps.
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