Adult Swinging/I wont swing she wants to


My wife is interested but I'm not. Says if I ever leave her that's going to be the first thing she does is visit swingers clubs and sleep with as many men as she can handle I'm way more vanilla I could care less about swinging is a marriage suppose to survive this?

Your wife needs to decide which is more important, the wedding vow she took or participating in the Lifestyle.  For your own sanity you need to force her to make a decision but be prepared if she chooses to leave.  If she does leave, you are better off.  No one should live in a relationship with such a black cloud always hanging overhead.  

Adult Swinging

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We can answer the following type of questions: 1. My wife and I are contemplating swinging. 2. My spouse is interested but I'm not. 3. Friends of ours are swingers and have asked us to try it but we're not sure.


My wife and I have been involved in the lifestyle for about four years now. We've had many experiences with other couples.

Life experiences in the lifestyle.

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