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I have questions that was posed to me by my wife. In the past few months, she has mentioned to me that there have been several couples interested in getting me and her to swing with them. She mentioned it to me and I said I would be interested in it. We have not done the full swap swinging situation and are looking to expanded our sexual desires. We have been married for almost 19 years. And we do have a good relationship. Here is what she has proposed to me.

First, she mentioned she would interested in meeting up with two other couples (six persons involved). Here is her concern. She is attracted to the husband of one couple and the wife of the other couple. And felt that she would be most attracted to those two. That would give her the most exhilarating of sexual experiences. And that (as she said it, I am not picky, could play with the other two, I paused for a moment but said okay if that would better your experience) What might be your take on that?

Second, she has a wife of third couple who is attracted to her and she is attracted to her. And was also considering playing with her. The husband (not into swinging, would not participate) would not be there. My wife and the other woman would play with me in the room. And if, most likely I might join in. But I would allow for same play first. The other woman is not satisfied sexually and truly wants/desires my wife. What is your take on this situation?

And in conclusion, my wife is desiring both situations and she is not sure which one she should try first. And at the same time, she is actually desiring both situations as we both expressed to each other we would like to try the full swap swinging.

She has recently been telling me more about how more couples have been approaching her to get us as a couple involved in swinging. It has got her aroused at the thought of swinging. And what it would involve.

Would be most interested in your comments and observations.


Hi John,
I'm not 100% sure what you are asking here. If you and your wife are wanting to try swinging and experiment sexually that is a good thing - obviously only if you are both happy about it of course.
You are obviously talking with each other about different possible scenarios. Before you get involved with anyone else specifically, I think what you should do is have a discussion about how you want to be involved in this lifestyle. Of course things can change as you go along, but it's important that you get clear about what you both want, would like to try, etc.
If you're not clear at the start there is the potential for things to get complicated once you start becoming involved with others.

I hope this helps.

Have fun and all the best,


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