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can you give me any advice? My boyfriend of eight years and I have a somewhat unconventional relationship. He likes me to go out a sleep with other men, the more the merrier as far as he is considered. At times this has be fun, at other times not so much. My boyfriend's sex drive is on All The Time, mine is not. In the initial stages of our relationship he allowed me to do what I wanted. Now if I'm not sexual enough he pouts, quits speaking to me and other negative behaviors. Can you please give me some advice? I'm tired of our rocky relationship.

-not always happy

It appears that your boyfriend is being rather childish in his behavior. I suggest you consider telling him how you feel about how he behaves and also telling him what you want. I would also think about why you are really in this relationship and whether you feel you can really be happy with him and have your needs met. If you feel that you can find a compromise (perhaps he can go and sleep with other women to take the pressure off you - only if you are happy about that of course), then work through it. If not, you need to be open to moving on and finding someone who is compatible with you and who won't throw a tantrum if you don't do what they want.
It may be that you can get your boyfriend to change if you talk it through with him. But you do need to put your own needs and happiness first.

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