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Adult Swinging/Wife wants to continue swinging with the same man


Mr. Rourke wrote at 2013-03-14 21:16:43
Here's another answer I received on your question.

Sorry this was too good to pass up here what I would have said to dude had I been in the room... (my comments in brackets)

Both my wife and i are 26 and have been married 3 years. My wife is stunning and when i first met her did glamour modelling, so fancying her has never been an issue for me.

(Well I should hope so its your wife..not too many guys go;" Hey I'm sorta into my wife what do you think")

In July, whilst having sex, she asked me if i still wanted to see her with another man and i agreed.

(She asked you WHILE having sex..dude that's a problem..and you agreed WHILE having sex??WTF do you BOTH have ADD?)

She said we should join a swingers site, so we did. We advertised and explained our preferences and chatting with an older couple on the site. We arranged to meet them in August. We got along and the following week we went around to their house. After a few drinks we went to a bedroom and my wife and this man couldn't keep their hands off each other.

( Ok you said COUPLE what did his wife do dissolve into thin air?? go back to the escort service from whence she came..? or was she so unattractive you forgot she was in the room?)

I thought 'wow i'm really seeing her with another man'. The fast hard sex they were having turned into slow long love making and i ended up leaving them to it, it showed no sign of finishing, and i went downstairs.

( Again what was his wife doing? was she trying to engage YOU..was she watching them or were you so boring she switched the TV to Nick Jr)

She was very eager to organize another night with them

( THEM ??? so far I don't see a THEM here just a Him))

and since then we have seen them several times, with each time my wife and him spending longer and longer together. During our latest visit on Sunday she ran up the driveway, and they spent almost 8 hours on their own. When she finally emerged she was wearing lingerie that he had bought her.I've asked her if we should look at other swingers but she's adamant. She doesn't want to. Last night she asked if I minded if she went around to see him when i was away on business because his wife is fine with it.

( WHAT wife?? )

Is she beginning to see him as her primary sexual partner?

( DUH)

I feel like wanting to see her with another man has created a situation whereas she has met someone that blows her mind sexually.

( Ya Think? Dude as a sales man I cant wait to sell you a car<@ 5k over MSRP > and cable TV < Full 300 channel package with wholenhouse DVR for you AND your neighbors> and a room full of dildos YOU obviously don't need < cuz YOU are not having sex your woman is ...> )

Your thoughts would be massively appreciated, thank you.

(if there were more people like you... my job as a salesman would be infinitely easier as you will believe most anything someone tells you)

Mr. Rourke wrote at 2013-03-14 21:21:46
The last person to respond to my repost) This one is a damn doozy. Why isn't the dude playing with the wife? Anyone that knows me, knows I'll talk to a damn tree if it won't run away but no way I'm small talkin' for 8 hours, lol. Again, another issue with communication. Not only with his wife but with the other couple as well. You know how when people talk about Real Estate they say the 3 most important things are location, location, location. Well in the LS it's communication, communication, communication, lol.

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