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I believe it was you who gave me advise on what to do when my wife wants to swing and I don't.  I took your advise and we went to a regular night club (not swingers) and I sat back as I watched my wife get hit on and dance with other was not bad it was actually kind of enjoyable.  I've been having fantasies of my wife having sex with other men since then,  she still wants to swing I don't know how far I can actually go with it still. I'm curious but I'm the shy one she's the adventurous daredevil one. Are there any shy guys in swinging?

Absolutely.  Jeff is one of them!  He just kind of sits back and watches the crowd, but after a few drinks he will mingle with a couple folks.  He definitely is not the most active male in the room.

We have noticed that a lot of times, the guys are a bit more reserved than the females.  Don't think you would be the only shy guy in the crowd.  Even if you are shy, the majority of the time, someone will always approach you, to at least say hi....and maybe more.  We have never been the ones to initiate conversation in clubs (literally, never) but never have too much trouble meeting people.

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