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Hi Wes,

I am from Taiwan, belong to an Indian family. Married with two kids. I am very fit and quite attractive( so my friends say!) The problem is, that my husband clicks and also makes our sex tapes sometimes, he must have so many pics by now. But, i feel that he shows it to his best friend who is a banker, sometimes. When i asked him, he denies ever showing it to him. But its a woman's intuition that tells me he does. It strangely arouses me somehow, but i dont wanna have sex with his friend. Am i abnormal to get excited or aroused by this? Do other women also get turned on knowing that their husbands/bf's show their private pics to best friends? Pls really confused. Is this normal?

I see why you are a little confused, But you are very normal. It is normal to get excited when you think hat someone has seen you in an private photo. To wonder what he thanks, did he like seeing you. It would be abnormal if you did not feel a little excited. My self I'm in an open relationship with my wife, and have a few girl friends, that I'm in sexual relationships with them. I don't go behind my wife with this, It seems to make our sex life much better. I also collect nude photos of friends and girl friends and we check them out before sex. The photos of our friends excites us, and makes our love making very strong. As I said I collect nude photos. If you would like to sens some. Send to If you would like to sell copy's of your videos Let me know

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