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If someone is interested in swinging with you, and you told them that once, you had an std. But you are clear of if and always get checked, will they still be interested in you, or do swingers on swing with someone that has never had an std in their life?

It depends on the STD.  If it is something that is treatable and not curable like Herpes, a lot of swingers won't be interested.  If it is something like Chlamydia that you had 10 years ago, but has since been treated, there most likely wouldn't be an issue.

My opinion on the issue is this.  If you have an STD in your system that can't be cured, release that information, regardless of if they will still play or not.  If you had a common every day STD that was treated and cured, there is no reason to divulge that information.

It is up to you, if you feel you still want to release that information but there is no reason to reveal your entire history of sex, partners, and all things associated if they are no longer a factor in your life.

I repeat if you have herpes, syphilis, HIV, etc you have the obligation to tell people that, even if it is being actively treated and not showing symptoms.  Non curable STDs are always contagious, even when not showing symptoms or signs.

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