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I just got married 3 months ago, my husband likes to swing, I started going to the clubs 6 months ago, but we never fully swap, it has been very hard for me, but I'm  trying my best, lately we start having issues because I feel jealous the last couple times that we went swing, now I feel that my husband change with me, he is not open like before, and last night we had a couple over and I told him how I feel about it, but for him everything that I said is because I'm jealous, I want to continue swinging but I feel that my husband lost his patience with me,I feel like I can't say anything about my feelings to my husband anymore  Please tell me what to do? Should I continue swinging?

Hi, I understand how you are feeling. The most important aspect of swinging - and the way to make it work and be fun - is to make sure you put your relationship first. I would suggest you sit down with your husband and explain your feelings and your reservations. Tell him you enjoy it but that you want to make it an enhancement to your relationship and not something that causes you to feel uncomfortable. Ask him if he is willing to put your feelings and your relationship first.
You can then agree to some boundaries, but the key is to make sure swinging is something that improves your own relationship. Ask him if he is willing to do this. Also tell him that it is important that you are able to tell him how you feel and ask him if he is ok with that. You could also tell him that you don't want to continue to swing until you sort this out.
Be loving towards your husband but also remind him in a loving way that your relationship is the most important thing. Persevere and you will get there.
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