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Im writing because 3 months ago my Boyfriend of 5 years and I decided we would like to get involved with another girl. We found someone we liked (shes 37, hes 30 and Im 25)and decided we would just have a little fun. He an I had discussed that we were just going to have a little fun and I had stated I was not ok with them having intercourse and both of them agreed. 3 Months later he tells me that they had talked and they wanted to have sex. When I expressed that I was not ok with it still he got mad at me. I decided we all needed to talk about our needs and we sat down together to do so. She explained to me she thought we were in a relationship and she wanted to be equal in all aspects and out of no where he tells me he wanted that as well. I was the only one who had not been informed of this desired life style until now. After speaking with her we decided that its could not progress as I was not comfortable. we had decided in the beginning that this was a fling Now my boyfriend is very angry with me and does not want to talk to me. How can I approach this?

Hi Nicole,

One of the potential problems with swinging is that one of the partners wants more or less involvement.  I can create serious conflicts.  One of the basics of the lifestyle is that everyone involved must be in agreement. and fully aware.  From what you say, it seems to me that the other two have discussed their desires with out your involvement.  That is a no no.  He should have talked to you first because you are the couple.   And if your position is "no" that should have been the end.

How do you feel about the concept of swinging?   What about it interests you?  Why are you opposed to them having intercourse?  Are you interested in full swing with another couple or or a threesome with a single male or only a single women?  I suggest you give the whole concept some serious thought.  Then decide with what you are comfortable and why.

Then with your boyfriend discuss this. The girlfriend should not be part of this conversation. Make sure he understands exactly how you feel and why.  Before you get into this conversation, have an idea as to where and how you might be able to compromise.  He will have some different idea on the concept.

With threesomes there is a higher risk of attachments, especially if there is a prolonged series of encounters.  The risk is lower with couples mostly because they already have a partner and are not in the market.  If you are going to continue down the threesome tract,  I suggest you add some variety to the menu.

Good luck.  

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