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Iam daniel 38 yeras old and my wife helen is 37.we married 15 years ago.we both love each other and everything goes well.

A few yeras ago when i told her that,i and my friends have had   discussions about the subjects like swing and swap,she got mad to me but when i told her that  one of my teammates at work ( she was a single girl) loves swap ,she got curious about that.

After a few weeks she said she is selfish and cant even imagin me with any other girl.
since i was also intersted of seeing her in action with other men ,we continued in this direction.
after a while we had experience of sharing her with 3 of my friends seprately in diffrent datings.

I was really satisfied of sharing her but when my teammate went to another factory, my wife said she doesn't  want sex but likes teasing men by showing off in parties and doesn't want more.

though, we  go on  talking about our enjoyable sex we had in our 3 past experirences ,especially in bed during our sex.

i dont know how i can bring her back at least into mfm.i talk alot with her seriously but she doesnt answer and she keeps continue teasing men with her naughty behaviours and sexy dresses.

thanks. yours daniel.

ANSWER: Daniel,
Ask your wife what it is that she enjoyed about the threesomes. Get her to remember the fun in great detail. Then ask her to be honest with you about why she doesn't want to try it again. Remember to tell her your feelings and why you enjoy it so much.
The key is to emphasise that it is something that can enhance your relationship and that is fun for both of you.
It may take a while but if it is something that you both enjoy then it is worth persevering.
All the best

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

I am Daniel.thanks for fast reply.
As i told wife likes to wear sexy dress in parties and she enjoys attracting men.
in the other side i really love sharing i started taking pic of her and i let her find that i show her pics to my we go further we get better pics .maybe she catch me while i am showing them to my friends.I usually tell her that my friends enjoy her pics.and sometimes she reminds me that many men like to fuck her.

when i see she doesnot come into mfm after that 3times i continue sharing her by showing her pics to my friends.i think she likes it too though she doesnot talk about it .she only tries to get better poses .

whats the problem? where are we? why she doesn't talk with me?.....what should i do to herself decide to ask for a 3some.I prefer this time she choose her cock.

thanks.yours Daniel.

Swinging is all about communication. You need to find a way to talk to her. Ask her what she is feeling and why she is feeling that way. You could be counter intuitive and instead of allowing her to share her fantasies with you. tell her you don't want to talk about it right then. It might get her wondering what YOU are thinking and get her to open up a bit more.
You will just have to find out her thoughts and the only way is to get her trust in talking to you about it.
All the best,


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