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My husband and I would like to try swinging but I'm very concerned about catching STD'S. I had a bad experience 26 years ago when my boyfriend at the time gave me Syphilis I was treated and was cured. Its gone and I cant give it to anyone but it was a bad experience and I don't want to go through any thing like that again. Do you know if the rate of STD'S is higher among people that swing or do most play it safe? You have been doing it for 2 years now have you caught any thing and if not how have you been able to stay safe. Thank you for your time Sheryl

First things first, let me say thanks for having enough faith in us to deliver a prompt and precise answer.  With that being said I want to point out 1 common misconception, and that is that STD's are more prominent in the lifestyle.  A lot of people think that because sex happens in the lifestyle, that STD's are bound to happen.  

The truth is that most people in the lifestyle have probably slept with fewer people than the 25 year old kid at the bar picking up women on the weekends.  That's not a blanket statement obviously, but as a whole there is a lot of picking and choosing when in the lifestyle.  People tend to get tested regularly, as well as inform others if there is any chance of an "outbreak".  We knew of a guy who once posted on a website that he go tested and came back positive for Herpes.  He posted this publicly for all to know about him.  He continued to be in the lifestyle but would only play with others who had tested positive for the same thing.

The common denominator remains the same whether you are in the lifestyle or having casual sex outside the lifestyle...BE SAFE.  We have encountered couples who don't like to use condoms for whatever reason they deem fit, and that is there choice.  For us; to stay safe and clean, we ALWAYS use condoms.

The rule is if you decide not use condoms during play, you have to know what you are getting yourself into.  Ask for proof of tests if they claim to have been tested.  Swingers are open enough to share that with each other, if they are being honest about it.  The bottom line is, anyone can pick up anything, at anytime if you aren't using protection.  From 2 weeks ago when they were tested they could have slept with an infected person and now be a host.  The only true way to avoid STD's and stay safe is to use protection.  We always have, and it works for us!

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