Adult Swinging/cold feet and nerves/excited


Miss Kitty wrote at 2013-06-19 13:27:41
I hear a good girl/bad girl thing going on.  You are afraid, like most women as we have been trained, to look down on ppl(women in particular) who have uninhibited sex.

I'd work on this first, if I were you.

Your boyfriend IS pushing you a bit.  I hear a trust issue.  You are afraid he will look down on you if you show this side of yourself.  You have to see if this is coming from him,,,,or YOU.

But you are curious, I hear that too.  The thing about the good/bad girl is that if you can blame another, you're still a good girl.  

But here is the thing,,,,you are still a good girl if you do this.  Even if everything goes south.  You are just exploring.

I hear you want someone to talk to about this.  It's not something you can share with the other ppl in your life.  Even ppl in the lifestyle are not in a hurry to discuss problems when ppl have them.  They prefer "no drama".  That kind of leaves you on your own.  There are a few, however, who DON'T have a in or out approach.  They know that sometimes ppl need a little support to find themselves.

You do what YOU want.  Honey, dance like no one is watching.

At the end of the day, no one really is.

Take a no hurry approach, tell him how you feel, tell him there is time, and you are feeling rushed.  If he is truly as you say, he will understand.  

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