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Adult Swinging/girlfriend wants to swing , i am unsure


My new girlfriend has had a number of swinging encounters prior to meeting me , she is still very close to one particular couple , she has been very open and honest about it .
I however have never explored swinging , had many 2 and 3 girl and a few 2 guy 1 girl experiences , as they were with people i know and had no emotional attachment and have also met and know couples who have tried swinging and had very bad experiences such as relationship breakdowns due to jealousy and various partners becoming possessive , i am nervous to enter this realm .
I am not the type to be pressured , however have concerns that down the track i will be asked to engage , my main concern is the bond that my girlfriend has both collectively with the wife but more so the husband as they have seen each other alone a few times with the permission of the wife by themselves.
Is this a maturity fault on my behalf ? or would you consider this a real concern. I have not met this couple yet but know it is a matter of time

If you are uncomfortable in the situation, remove yourself from it.  With or without your girlfriend.  I understand this is a new relationship, and she is being upfront with you about it, but if this is something you can't handle or don't want involved in, it is best to walk away.  If she is interested in a relationship with you she will come along.  If not, it wasn't meant to be.

NEVER indulge in swinging just to satiate the wants or needs of one person in a relationship.  It will definitely lead to breakdowns in the relationship.  Swinging is meant to be a shared experience, and if you aren't both committed to each other 100%, trust each other 100%, and most importantly respect boundaries that the other half wishes to not cross, it is a volatile situation emotionally and sometimes physically.

I don't consider it a maturity issue on your side of things, I consider it more of a "vanilla" relationship standard.  

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