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I recently spilt up with a long time girlfriend. We were together for 9 years and dabbled in adding another guy several times. Nothing went all the way but did do soft play, she and he did while I watched. We never had the chance to go all the way but we both wanted to. We ultimately spilt for other reasons. We were interested more in males, some females, and open to couples. We were a white couple and almost went all the way with a black guy. Having a hookup 1-2 times per week was our goal with none or very little regular men just to stay on safe side of her not developing feelings. Also, since our spilt several months ago, she has let loose. We remain friends and she has been with many guys, black and white, tag teams and gangbangs. She loves the lifestyle and has been a slut. I am very turned on by this as I was when we were together.
So the question is where can you find single women who are open to this kind of relationship? I would at least like to add men, love the other things too, but for many its a lot. I know that other dynamics of a relationship are more important, though this is important for me. I believe finding a women for this will be hard and need any tips you have of finding one?

Thank you,

Hey Chris,

My best suggestion for you would be to check out adult singles sites such as AdultFriendFinder or maybe even Fetlife if you have certain fetishes you want to conquer.  Another suggestion would be to sign up for swinger sites as a single male.  There are plenty of single women on those sites as well.  Criagslist, to be honest, is FULL of freaky singles. Just be sure to be open and honest with any potential partners, or you risk losing them as soon as they find out.

Good Luck!


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