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QUESTION: Hello I am Rubel.I am an engineer and now living in Australia with my wife Tamanna and our little son of 3 years old.We are actually from Pakistan.My wife is 27 years old.I love her very much.But I dont know why I am interested to see her with other man.It is my fantasy and day by day it is getting stronger.But Tamanna as a muslim girl very conservatibe.Now I am trying it.I have an Australian friend.I want he do sex with Tamanna.What can I do now?

ANSWER: You cannot do anything if she is not open to the idea.  Have you talked to her about this?  If so, what was her reaction ?

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QUESTION: Thanks for your reply.Actually I haven't asked her directly.But I have made a plan with my friend,Onhi who is an Australian.He is smart and good looking.As our plan, he comes often our home.And I told him to try to be intimate with her and make possible my fantasy.Even I go other room with my son so that he gets her intimate.But he told me that he is trying but Tamanna doesn't response well.Even Onhi touched her hands and tried to kiss her.But she refused it.Now the important matter is that she didnt told me anything or complain me against Onhi.Does that mean Tamanna's response is positive?Now I want ur suggestion how to make them more intimate.Onhi also wants to sex with her.

You are playing with fire.  Being deceptive with your spouse never ends well.  I think the reason your wife has not told you about your friend's advances is because she does not want to cause a problem in your friendship.  

I cannot give your advice on how to make your wife intimate with your friend.  My advice is for you to have an open and honest conversation with your wife.  Tell her about your desires and fantasies.  If the conversation is civil and non threatening she might open up to you.  But do not expect miracles here.  She was raised conservative and taught monogamy.  

Respect your marriage and respect your wife.  If you tell her that which your desire and she says no then you must accept that answer.  Pushing the issue will only lead to problems in your marriage.  

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