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Hi there guys. Need help please. I've been married for 14 years, no sex for more than 3 years. Its complicated so no divorce. I have prev had an affair and this guy came back in my life. Him and his ex-wife were soft swingers. I have lots of feelings for him. We have been seeing each other again for a while now. I found out that he has bi-curious interests. It turns me on just thinking of him with another man. We also started talking bout doing the swingers thing. I just don't know what to expect of that. I get all hot and bothered thinking of him with a man but not with a woman. Makes my stomach turn. Have all these weird feelings bout it.

What do I do

Do not take this as passing judgement on you, but I won't answer this question due to the basis of it.  We strongly believe that swinging is an experience shared by a couple to strengthen a bond.  If you are going outside of your relationship to try out swinging with a different partner, it is just excessive drama that the lifestyle really doesn't want or need.  If the husband finds out while you 2 are at a swingers event, and shows's a bad night for all involved.  There are enough bad generalizations about the swinging lifestyle without endorsing going outside of your relationship.

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