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My hubby and I are into swinging for a while and we both a soft swap. I am very interested going all out into a full swap, but my hubby has reservations. He thinks that the actual act of sex is special between us. Even when we have met couples and the other lady had insisted on her having full swap with him he has politely denied. But I want to go for it. My hubby is OK with me going for it but said that he will remain soft swap. I am a bit confused. Should I go for it? Will it cause a problem between us? Is there a way I can convince my hubby to convert to full swap? Please help


The age old question, will it cause a problem between us.  The answer to this question lies within the strength of your relationship.  If you and your husband have good, open, honest communication and he is okay with you going full swap then you should give it a try.  Afterwards you and he should talk to make sure he is still okay with it.  If so, then continue but if not, you should stop our of respect for the relationship.

Another difficulty you may have is finding another couple where the husband is full swap but the wife is okay with your husband not being so.  She may feel rejected.  This is something you need to state very early when talking to another couple.  Don't want to climb into bed and then tell her she can touch but that's all.  

Only he can decide if he wants to go full swap.  If you try and push him he may push back and this could cause problems in the relationship.

Good luck, have fun and let me know how it turns out.  

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