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Robin Hood wrote at 2016-01-07 16:02:29
When I first dated my current girl friend now ten years ago. I told her I had tried, only a few times swinging with a previous girlfriend. I told her it was great exciting fun and wanted to continue to enjoy swinging. My new girlfriend had only had one previous sexual partner but replied she was certainly up for it. We went to a club where she enjoyed a full sex with me and two other men. Several club visits followed, all enjoyed as we both full swapped many times. We then joined a group of about fifty couples who held home parties most weekends. For ten years we have had the time of our lives, making many friends in the Lifestyle. For us both the greatest enjoyment is to see the other have a good time. Our together sex life is wonderful, we find that as others enjoy us we fancy and find the other  even more desirable. We cannot leave each other alone especially on getting home from a party. We never individually date alone, we have total love and trust for each other. If you are strong together We say do it, and have the time of your life. You will not regret it. It will keep you interested to keep slim, attractive and well turned out. So you can still appeal to the best looking of the opposite sex and each other.  

Adult Swinging

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We can answer the following type of questions: 1. My wife and I are contemplating swinging. 2. My spouse is interested but I'm not. 3. Friends of ours are swingers and have asked us to try it but we're not sure.


My wife and I have been involved in the lifestyle for about four years now. We've had many experiences with other couples.

Life experiences in the lifestyle.

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