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We met a cpl,  decided to hook up with them, they aren't married we are 21 yrs, we hit it off chatting and meeting, so we took it to the next level, she totally took over my husband, her man couldn't perform, she whispered to my husband that he was good, and was she? really, I feel she should of made sure her man was being satisfied, and my husband says it isn't his fault, full swap to him no contact with me, just other female, yes I understand play with others but, define full swap, can you not play with your wife also????????????????

Full swap means switching partners.  Now, my wife and I have started with each other and then switched partners and sometimes we just switch from the beginning.  Sometimes everyone is touching everyone.  That's the best IMO ;)

Sounds to me like you and your husband need to sit down and establish the ground rules.  Tell each other what you are comfortable/not comfortable with, limits, desires, etc.  Once you have agreed on the ground rules STICK TO THEM.  Do not let the heat of the moment let you or him make a decision you will regret.

The other guy may have had stage fright.  It's happened to me a couple of times and we've had other guys experience it when they are with us.  Now we ask upfront if there are any ED issues.  

I hope this helps and write back if you wish to chat further.  

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