Adult Swinging/cuckolding?


hi Tom,

im a 20 year old young man, relatively successful, and smart.

I have been into cuckolding for 4 years, ever since i was 16 in high school and i have been looking for some good ways into it.

are there any blogs, or Social Media Sites about it? or maybe even informational websites getting people info about it?

would love to see a few.

Thank you

Hi Connor,

I am not sure what you are asking.  Cuckold is a pejorative term for a man whose wife cheats.  Currently the term is applied to couples where the wife brings home another male to have sex with while the husband watches and in some cases has oral sex with the wife after there by consuming the other guys ejaculate.  Known as cream pie.  Are you looking for threesomes with couples?  Are you looking for cream pies?  Are you submissive looking for a dom female?

There are lots of sites to help you find any of those things  On my web site I have links to 3 sex dating sites.   You should be able to find people and info about you interests there.

Good luck,

Adult Swinging

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