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Adult Swinging/I want get cuckolded by my Indian bengali wife


Sir, I live in West Bengal. I have the cuckold fantasy from year 2004. I got married to my love in 2008. It was a love marriage after 7 years of love affair. My age is 31years and wife's age is 32. We do not have kids yet, but planning for kids now. She is a working lady. Sir, I want to make my fantasy reality. I want to watch my wife with a good looking handsome guy. She is unaware to my desire and I dont have the guts to talk abot this matter. She is modern but not open minded regarding sex. I want it to change her mind regarding other men and sex. I want to explore her inner slut secretly. I want her to choose a guy spontaneously without my knowledge and have sex with him. And after catching her cheating some day I want to accept that it makes me happy when she has sex with others. What should I do? Please help me..

Hi Abhik,

Be careful what you ask for.  You want to catch your wife cheating.   If she is cheating, then your marriage is in trouble.  A better way to approach the subject is to find a way to tell her your fantasy.  And see if she has any interest.  Perhaps talk with her about her fantasies. Every one has something that sounds like a fun change of pace.  Movie stars, same sex, public sex, roll play, there are a great many things people think about.  Once she talks to you about hers then tell her how hot seeing her with another man would be.

She has to be a part of this from the beginning.

Good luck,

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