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I am a 25 year old married woman. My husband and I have a solid and loving relationship. He is very adventurous in bed and constantly wants to try new things. One of his favorite fantasies is to see me in intimate situations with other men. It usually involves having a man massage my nude body or exposing myself to another man like not wearing panties under my skirt, or going topless on a beach etc. I have even kissed some of the men I have met and some masseuses have masturbated me to orgasm in front of him.

He now wants to take it to another level by watching me actually have sex with another man. He has even selected a man with whom he would like me to have sex with. Although I am not opposed to the idea I have never had sex with any man besides my husband. On the one hand I really want to experience what it feels like to have sex with another man but on the other I feel anxious about the consequence this action will have on our relationship. My husband is planning on watching the encounter in another room through video cameras installed in our room. Even though my husband is excited I wonder if he will still feel the same when he sees another man's cock sliding inside me and perhaps even ejaculating inside or on my body. I am really in two minds. Please advice.

This is fairly normal in the lifestyle.  A lot of couples like to watch their partner getting pleasured by another person.  The main thing you have to focus on is to be sure this is what you guys want to do.  If you are both comfortable with it...go for it!

You just have to keep in mind, it's just sex. As long as nobody starts developing an attachment to anyone other than their spouse, everything will be fine I think.  Although there are cases of people adding a staple 3rd person to their relationship, as a boyfriend/girlfriend within the marriage.

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