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I have a question regarding swinging. Has anyone that you know of ever started in the lifestyle because they found out their spouse had cheated? I found out my wife cheated multiple times with multiple partners and I can't wrap my head around it, I want to divorce but there are kids involved that are still very young and was thinking if I can maybe try swinging and see how lots of people do it and sleep with different people that it may give me a different spin on this and help me see this differently because right now I just want out. By the way, tried counseling but she quit after the second meeting and said it was unnecessary so she won't do that again. This is the only thing I can think of other than that I'll just be angry and not good to live with because she actually ended up getting pregnant by this affair and so my youngest isn't mine biologically and all this is a lot to take in. Thanks for the help.

To put it bluntly...the answer is no.  Anyone who tries to fix a relationship by swinging is destined to fail.  If she is cheating, and has failed to follow through with counseling unfortunately swinging will just make things worse.

I'm sorry for the short reply but I'm not a relationship expert by any means.  I can only offer my thoughts that swinging will in no way benefit your situation.

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