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My wife and I don't use condoms with each other and don't want to start.  We have like to have sex with each other before we go out. She is worried about having the other man smelling or licking my semen out of her pussy.  I don't like the idea of that happening to me either.  
    Is there any way to clean up enough to avoid this problem without starting to wear condoms during sex with my wife?  Is there a certain amount of time we can wait in between sex acts that eliminates leakage issues?
    Having more oral sex is a big factor in our swinging so we really appreciate your help!

Hi Mark,

The idea of another man or woman tasting your cum just might be a turn on for them.  If you are getting head some one is going to taste it then.  If you are having intercourse there is a good chance some guy is going down on the lady later.  

Cum is not that strong of a flavor for most men.  And others will not taste it anyway.  Have you ever gone down on your wife after sex?   

Usually all the leakage is going to happen within minutes of the intercourse.  30 minutes to an hour and you should be OK  If you are still concerned try a douche They make some nice flavored ones.

Bottom line, don't worry about it.

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