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avocat wrote at 2007-04-03 21:49:21
I also enjoy the thought of watching my wife have sex with another man.

My interest stemmed from an affair I had that caused us to seperate.  During my affair, my partner and I enjoyed swinging with single men and couples. The swinging experiences I had were the most exciting sex I ever experienced.

When I reunited with my wife, I told her about the swinging. In therapy, we explored whether my wife was ever capable of doing a threesome with a man. She told the therapist she could never do so. You don't force people to swing.

Now I am left with fantasizing, with my wife, about sharing her with another man. Whenever we have sex, I talk about watching a man penetrate her and that I want his cum all over my penis. This does not arouse her but it arouses me greatly.

I have explored my feelings about the subject and I think that it is very intimate for your woman to put on a show for you, using another man. I felt, with my swing partner, that she regarded me as the "Rooster in the Barnyard."  I was the favored male. She shared all her thoughts and feelings and performed for me. The man was a sexual prop for the both of us.

If I had to live life over, I would marry a woman who would do MFM. There is nothing more exciting that watching your woman be penetrated while she  

MURPHY wrote at 2007-04-14 22:59:55
The picture in my mind of my wife cumming on another man's penis is just unbelievably exciting to to me. I would imagine that me makes me a pervert or something. Her orgasming on someone else is just not something that I can readily come to grips with. Perhaps that is the same way that you feel with your wife. of luck!

Daniel wrote at 2007-04-18 08:10:05
Heck Yeah,  I'm in Chicago for business and I haven't seen my wife for 2 weeks.  As it is are love life isn't that exciting and we're a very young could 26(me) and 29(her).  I was drunk enough the other day to tell her that I want us to have an open sex life and to be open to kinkyness but I feel really turned on to the idea of another man giving my wife sexual enjoyment and her indulging in it.  I told her that there are so many men that would have sex with her and that she should know that.  She acknowledged it and I got more turned on, I asked her if she ever noticed anyone looking at her big breast but she denied she noticed anything (I know they look). She did tell me there's a new guy that keeps looking at her a lot but she just thinks he's curious about her job (YEAH RIGHT).

antcip8 wrote at 2007-10-20 04:58:15
I'll tell you why it excites you. When you visualize your wife having sex with someone else you are reverted back to our primal states. When a female is "in season" and males want to mate with her everyone is excited, the female and the males. It's a primal thing to want to mate and watch your mate be the desire of other males and and lose herself in pure erotic pleasure. Jealousy, anxiety, excitement, and pure sexual desire are all mixed together at this point and can be a complex sorting of yours and her emotions, especially after the act.

avocat wrote at 2008-05-02 09:58:37
While our marriage was on the rocks, I engaged in swinging with another woman.  I discovered that I loved watching the woman I cared for having sex with other men. I enjoyed sharing her.  It was a beautiful sight, something I will never forget. It built tremendous emotional intimacy between us.  I considered a "gift" from my lover--to watch her in the most intimate behavior possible.

My wife knows that I want to watch her with other men. After we reconciled, I told her everything. She will not even consider having sex with another man, foreclosing this patch to intimacy.

The dude abides wrote at 2013-03-18 12:22:58
She will give a blow job but not intercourse and she has had affairs in the past!  She is more than likely getting sexual desires filled by someone else sorry PAl

Cyrus wrote at 2013-07-14 21:31:47
It all has to do with our  childhood experiences . Watching others having sex , specially when parents involved .

In my personal experience ; I know why I like to see my wife to have sex with another man ! Before I turned 14 ; I had watched my mother having many affairs with other men .

May be because mothers are sacred sons ; substituting his wife make him enjoy and see all to be just  Normal !  

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